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[ARTICLE] Fan support given by JYJ Lovers in the Philippines is making a buzz!

SPY drama is currently airing in Korea which is creating such a buzz with its unique style of story telling and suspense plot.The drama stars the one and the only KIM JAEJOONG. Yesterday, a lot of entertainment news portal from Korea and even from China reported the global success of the said drama by the fans support given by Jaejoong’s supporters. Surprisingly, JYJ Lovers in the Philippines is one of the featured fans club on those articles.

The press people were all praise to all the fans club who showed their undying love by preparing food, coffee and encouragement not only for Jaejoong but also to all the cast, staff and crew who are working hard for the drama.

Jaejoong was reported really happy and overwhelmed with the love and support he was receiving globally and promised to do his best to make the drama more interesting.


We at JYJ Lovers in the Philippines are really thrilled and happy to see that our efforts to show Jaejoong how much we support him are all successful. Once again we want to thank all who helped us in making this a reality. This will mark as a milestone of our fangirl life.We did it!

Below are the links of the original articles which featured our KJJ Project! Kudos to all!




The star


TV daily


KJJ FOOD SUPPORT FOR SPY – An Early Birthday Gift for our Dearest Jaejoong

Last January 20, 2015, at about 12:30 midnight, we surprised Kim Jaejoong at the SPY Shooting Location. It was our way of showing our love and support to Jaejoong for his new drama SPY and an advance celebration of his birthday on January 26.





Indeed JJ was surprised with our simple cake and birthday banner with the heartwarming messages from his Filipino and international fans who participated in our KJJ Food Support Project.  He read the messages while enjoying his Americano and was touched that his Filipino and international fans gave him encouraging words of support and love. He took home the Belgian White Chocolate cake we gave him and our love messages!!! ^____^ He said our surprise and messages made him feel warm and that he will be enjoying the cake at home!






The shooting lasted until dawn but Jaejoong didn’t hesitate to pose for a picture with our coffee and snack trucks in the background. A special treat for his Filipino Fans!


As a part of our surprise, we sent him a video which was played while the cast and crew enjoyed their snacks and coffee. Jaejoong was truly touched while watching our video for him. Here’s what we sent him:


The video consists of photos and simple notes for Jaejoong.

As a sign of his appreciation, JJ gave us another sign ^_____^. His manager also expressed his gratitude to our team for always supporting Jaejoong and for organizing this Food support project.


Our sponsored coffee and snack trucks gave the best service for our dearest Kim Jaejoong, the staff, crew and all the cast of SPY. Our coffee truck courtesy of Mr. Kim’s Coffee served a wide variety of coffee, juice, fruit ades and cookies, while our snack truck by Hyanglim’s Food Catering served Tteokbukki, Oden and Fried Korean snacks. There were about 100 crew members and staff at the location who were delighted to drink warm coffee and eat the delicious snacks.




The staff and crew were amazed at how our team planned and prepared everything, knowing we live so far away. We proved to them that distance or language barrier will not and cannot hinder us from showing our love for KIM KAEJOONG!


Words cannot express how happy we are with our Project’s turn-out. We simply wanted to show JJ our love and support, but he gave back more than what we wished for.

SPY cup Sticker

We would like to thank all our friends and fellow fans who participated in our Project. Thank you for all the trust and support to our team. This project won’t be successful without your contributions:

D.T., Faithee, Rien, Millie, Te, Spy Girls, Clecel, Cris, Quellie, Rina, Ai, Ruby, Kirsteen, Yvette, Ayol, Renren, Sherry, Kat, Myrna, Abby, Ella, Ceyda, the noonas (Chow, Vins, Jenn)

We will remember your kindness. Rest assured that our support and love for Jaejoong will not stop with this Project.

Admins: Betty, Lala, Dhang and Azon ^___^





JYJ_PH’s Congratulatory Flowers for Toscana Hotel

Our Congratulatory Flower Basket was sent to Toscana Hotel last September 27, 2014 during the Hotel’s formal Opening Ceremonies.

10718008_10203070373660778_1359189718_nWe wanted to extend our love and support to Kim Junsu and the whole Kim Family, as we give our best wishes to Toscana Hotel!

Appa Kim was very kind enough to send us the pictures via Email today, and we are delighted to share with you his message:

10715868_10203070373980786_141322300_n10719122_10203070374140790_1328851415_n10711509_10203070425542075_813436625_nWe hope to visit Toscana Hotel soon! ^____^



~Return of the King Rice Wreath~ 16. 16.-1 t1

Our Rice Wreath came with LED Lights ^___^


16.-3 16Video from Dreame of the Rice Wreaths at the #JYJ Return of the King Concert in Seoul last August 9, 2014

Our wreath is focused at 6:06 and 14:00


We sent the wreath together with our messages. Our admins who were in Seoul for the concert made sure that the messages would reach our KINGS!







We would like to thank everyone who supported this Project. It was successfully implemented because of our undying love for JYJ and your unending support to our team.




~ Our Cake for JYJ ~




The admins thought of a simple gift we could give to our KINGS. We received information that the cakes we gave Junsu and Yoochun were taken home by them, hence, we decided to gift our KINGS as well with a Congratulatory Cake for their Return.

1407492866805 1407492868016 1407492870317 1407492871380 1407492873001 1407492873981 1407492876206 1407492875019 1407492877765


The admins agreed on putting a Filipino-touch to the design. Thus, our resident cake master designed it with our signature Jeepney to go with JYJ’s Backseat Theme ^___^ Our logo was embedded on a native bag which is called “Bayong” in the Philippines.




The cake was delivered last August 9 at the concert venue. It was received by a Cjes staff who said she will personally give to JYJ.



Our message was simple…we just wanted to let them know how much we truly love and appreciate them and their music!




We hope to be able to continue with more projects for our KINGS in the next months to come!




[TRANS] MBC Drama Triangle – Actor Kim Jaejoong Coffee-Tea Fan Support of JYJ LOVERS IN THE PHILIPPINES by Catering & Handmade Cafe (www.coffee-mrkim.com)

These days, thanks to a global fan base, English proficiency is growing little by little? Hehe getting a bit eager aren’t I~

In order to support Triangle actor Kim Jaejoong!! We have to communicate in English with JYJ PHILIPPINES

We submitted our request but can’t even get a date in a while because there are a lot of support activities happening for Kim Jaejoong~

커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리_(3)커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리_(6)커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리_(4)커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,First of all, banners, stickers, cupholder stickers have been sent to me directly.The banner is particularly striking^^

The handwritten messages are also a great idea. It was neatly printed that we turned into a banner. There was also a letter for Kim Jaejoong’s female counterpart, Baek JinHee And also to Kim Jaejoong’s manager that was sent via email.

커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리_(5)커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리_(7) We arrived at 10 PM as scheduled~ We have to wait a little since there was a delay in the shooting location before. Then the film crew arrived~

We settled in one place and put up the banners on the side~ Many staff who went to look at the handwritten banner, was able to know how Filipino fans regard him (KJJ) with devotion^^


커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(13)커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(14)JYJ Philippines sent us pictures and messages for Kim Jaejoong So we prepared a photo table with support messages~ The wind blew so much That a photo was blown away, we struggled a lot, But the table setting is pretty ^^

커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(16)커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(6)커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(4)커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(7)커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(8)커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(9)Originally, we want to prepare a sandwich box and triangle-shaped cookies but because of the sudden schedule given to us, we simply prepared cookies~

Here are the cookies and we put the stickers on top^^ One more! We also prepared a cookie box each for actor Kim Jaejoong and actress Baek JinHee!

We pasted their message to Baek JinHee as well!

커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(20)커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(3)커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(2)Kim Jaejoong likes San Miguel Beer from the Philippines. The Philippine fans requested us to buy the beer!! We already informed his manager about it. Many staff also read the message for KJJ’s manager that we placed on top of the beer box~

커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(11)SAMSUNG CSCThe sticker is attached to the cup holders. We put it beside the speaker ~ I went to Jang GeunSeuk fan meeting and this is where I first heard Kim Jaejoong singing live~ I had goosebumps while listening To ‘Make Up’ ^^

I’ve been listening to Kim Jaejoong’s music all day so I feel very good~

SAMSUNG CSC커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(23)커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(22)Today’s menu is set! It was 11PM~ I love cookies, it still looked great^^ I wonder if it still tastes good after two hours~ The film crew is now preparing to shoot! We prepared a lot so we are ready too~

Real chocolate fondant is very popular these days~ It is really windy so a lot of people are looking for hot drinks to keep warm^^ I guess some wants cold, while some wants hot, half-half^^

The Triangle staff was very thankful that we prepared this much~

커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(12)커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(17)All the food is gone And I’m tired and just want to go home But I want the Philippine fans to receive a gift for preparing all these! The shooting continues so I wait and wait and wait!

커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(25) 커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(26) The weather is really cold but I need a sign for the fans! Kim Jaejoong and his manager are really friendly and with good manners~ He signs for JYJ Lovers in the Philippines and 5 admins by putting their names on the paper.  He did not protest but instead is very thankful for the support~

커피차,커피트럭,jyj,김재중,트라이앵글,jyj_philippines,홍대카페,연남동카페,수제쿠키,커피볶는김대리,장동철,허영달_(27)He gave a sign too for me! It’s awesome!! Been suffering from colds but It was worth it~ Tuesday, July 29, 10 PM, unfortunately is the last episode of Triangle! I look forward to another work from actor Kim Jaejoong!

Kim Jaejoong has become one of my favorite singers and I am looking forward to your activities. I will always support!


Source: http://blog.naver.com/loverdunk/220075655201

Translated By: @rubypurple_fan

Shared by: @JYJ_PH

To our Dear Dong Shik…with Love from JYJ_PH

We love Yoochun dearly…and because this is his first movie, we wanted to give him something which will let him know that we, in the Philippines, are very proud of him! We have given him other gifts but Cake and we hope it will make him smile seeing how cute Dong Shik looks on the cake ^___^ 10567570_1658639341028778_2010075085_n10544816_1658639484362097_95647345_n

10592423_1658639544362091_1168582092_nOur cake was delivered and accepted by Yoochun’s manager at CGV Apgujeong last July 30, 2014. Yoochun’s manager was surprised to receive the Cake especially when Dcakestory mentioned that it was a gift from Yoochun’s fans in the Philippines. We know that Yoochun will definitely read our message for him, and just this thought makes us all happy.

10589971_1658639744362071_2123176374_n10579790_1658640244362021_12838105_n10589748_1658640327695346_1674637904_n10592032_1658639597695419_1215401965_nThe Cake was designed by our resident cake master @cake4jyj, with layouts from our master artist @boiceOUTjyjstan…and of course, our avid Chunsa admins Lala and Betty and our supportive friend Quellie, made sure that the cake was extra-special for Yoochun with the “Sea Fog” theme in mind.


To our Dear Yoochun…we wanted to let you know how much we treasure you. Seeing you happy makes us all happy. You inspire us in so many ways you’d never thought. Your exceptional love for your family, Jaejoong and Junsu shows how good your heart is, and we love you so much for that!10592038_10202718629467393_532740081_n

10567969_1658639447695434_1163138880_nWe know that Sea Fog will be a BIG HIT! We hope and pray that the movie will be shown in the Philippines as well.