QTV cancels JYJ’s reality show, “JYJ’s Real 24″

Cable channel QTV has officially canceled the broadcasting of JYJ’s upcoming daily reality shows.

On March 1st, C-JES Entertainment posted a notice on their official homepage, which stated, “This is a notice regarding the cancellation of QTV’s broadcasting. We would like to inform fans that JYJ’s reality show detailing their daily lives has been canceled.”

JYJ’s Real 24” was originally scheduled for broadcast in the beginning of February, but it met with various delays. CJES Entertainment eventually received notice that QTV would not be able to broadcast the show; further inquiries on how such a decision came about have been left unanswered.

C-JES continued, “We would like to apologize to the fans who anticipated the show with all of the reports and promotions that QTV put out. QTV will be giving C-JES the footage, and we will be working our hardest to make sure that the show airs as soon as possible.”

JYJ’s representatives meanwhile stated, “Today, we received a one-sided notice from the broadcasting company that they would be canceling the broadcast. We’re already a month into the filming, so it’s very disappointing to learn of this. It’s also upsetting and frustrating that JYJ isn’t able to promote normally. With such an unreasonable decision, not only are the fans hurt, but JYJ as well.”

Meanwhile, a representative of QTV clarified, “JYJ’s reality show was canceled because schedules did not fit. For a while, we’ve been trying to balance publication rights as well as timing, but we’ve had to rearrange the lineup for a program being produced for April/May.”

They continued, “We never even planned a broadcast date for the program. We were merely trying to buy publication rights for their program to broadcast, it was not a program we produced.”

Regarding netizens speculating external pressure to cancel the show, QTV responded, “That was already ruled in the court, we have absolutely nothing to do with such rumors.”

Source: Korea Economy News and Sports Korea via Naver, TV Daily via Nate

– via allkop.com

original document: http://www.allkpop.com/2011/03/qtv-cancels-jyjs-reality-show-jyjs-real-24#

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