JYJ, on the Fan-Made Internet Broadcast Opening… says “Thank you”

Headline: JYJ, on the Fan-Made Internet Broadcast Opening… says “Thank you”

Male group JYJ expressed their thanks at the opening of the Internet Broadcast which the fans made exclusive for their sake.

JYJ fans opened the JYJ-exclusive internet broadcast on March 3rd, 8pm KST. Currently, it has gotten such heated response that the number of fans who attempted to access the site paralyzed its servers.

Of course, the JYJ internet broadcast is made by the fans and is not the official website of JYJ. But a person related to JYJ had a phone conversation with Star News (this newspaper) and said: “We understand that the station was made by the financial contributions by the fans. JYJ is aware of this. They are currently feeling thankful for the love of their fans.

The person followed, “if we acknowledge ILoveJYJ, the exclusive-to-JYJ internet broadcast, as official, it may lose its purity. Because it is a website created by the love of the fans, we hope that it will operated with such purity.”


SourceStar News




– via JYJ3

original document tranlated: http://jyj3.wordpress.com/2011/03/03/news-jyj-says-thank-you-to-fan-station-ilovejyj/


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