[News] 110305 No More Restriction, JYJ from TVXQ is Racing to be Multi-Entertainers

Despite current legal issue with their former agency SM Entertainment, JYJ finally saw green light in their entertainment activities. Yet eventhough now the restriction of them to appear in TV broadcast has gone, it still needs much time for the group to prepare for their TV performance debut. However the thirst of fans to see their idols is pretty much cured since all three members have been active in their acting career.

Last year Park Yoochun was involved in drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, and thanks to the successful of the drama among various ages of audiences, he began to receive a lot of drama casts offers. Park Yoochun is currently under final review to be the lead actor of MBC new drama ‘Good Bye Miss Ripley (Good Bye Miss Lovely)’ which is in the middle of preparation and is going to air sometime in June. After finishing coordination of the shooting schedule, the drama filming is scheduled to start in April or May.

Meanwhile Kim Jaejoong is able to be seen through a home theater this year. He will act in an epic drama scheduled to broadcast in second half of the year, entitled ‘Han Ban Do’. He’s mentioned as potential cast candidate and if it’s indeed confirmed, he’s expected to act along actor Jang Dong Gun and actress Ha Ji Won.

Meanwhile Kim Junsu is established himself as a new star in musical stage. He’s been showing an enormous ticket power both in his last year’s musical ‘Mozart!’ and current ‘Tears of Heaven’. No surprise, drama production company has been eye-ing on him ever since. Although rumor of him to get drama cast has been spilled, it seems Kim Junsu will still focus on musical activities for sometime.

credit: News Donga
trans: sharingyoochun.net

– via sharingyoochun.net

original document: http://sharingyoochun.net/2011/03/05/news-110305-no-more-restriction-jyj-from-tvxq-is-racing-to-be-multi-entertainers/

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