3hree Voices’s Japanese Staff deletes his entry for calling Jaejoong “The Leader”

(INFO) 3hree Voices’s Japanese Staff deletes his entry for calling Jaejoong “The Leader”

5 MAR 2011

The 3hree voices japanese staff deleted his entry titled ‘Jaejoong is so responsible‘, apparently some people attacked him for calling Jaejoong the leader. He later wrote an entry to apologize for ‘getting carried away’. Honestly It’s time for some fans to wake up and face the reality. JYJ is now another group apart from DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki, they don’t even need to name officially Jaejoong as the leader because he always was carrying that tittle unofficially since his Tohoshinki days in Japan. So why are people upset?? We should be proud that Jaejoong is now more confident and we should feel happy that non-fans can recognize that Jaejoong has qualities to be a leader.

Source: Starfieldsho

Credit: JYJ3


JYJ3 Staff Comment:

The persons who pressured the Japanese staff to pull down his entry should ask themselves:

Why do they not complain when Yunho and Changmin do far worse things to insult and denigrate TVXQ5?


Case in point:

(1) Yunho and Changmin introduce themselves as follows:

“Hello, this is UKnow Yunho, the leader of TVXQ. Hello, this is Max Changmin,the rest of TVXQ.”

(2) Yunho and Changmin have said that Tohoshinki’s success was due to “riding on the back of” BoA and that they “hope to be as successful as SNSD.”

Shouldn’t you get mad about the above? If you supposedly care so much about TVXQ5 and their history, then how can you accept statements such as above?


Please also consider that:

(1) Yunho and Changmin are getting unprecedented support to pursue their activities in Japan and Korea.

(2) In the meantime, the other 3 members of “TVXQ” have been thoroughly blocked from doing activities in both Japan and Korea. Less than a week ago, JYJ’s QTV was cancelled.


As for attacking the Japanese staff, consider that:

(1) The Japanese staff wrote that he perceived Jaejoong to be acting like a leader, the eldest. This is his perception!

(2) Furthermore, the above is something that has been said since TVXQ5 days. The entry he wrote was sweet and beautiful. Did you really want to destroy that?


We ask you to please examine yourselves and come to terms with the fact that the only persons denigrating TVXQ5 are 2VXQ.



– via JYJ33


original document: http://jyj3.wordpress.com/2011/03/05/info-3hree-voicess-japanese-deleted-his-entry-for-calling-jaejoong-the-leader/

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