JYJ Fans Start Subway Ad Campaign “Ride the Express Train to Public TV”

(NEWS + PICS ) JYJ Fans Start Subway Ad Campaign “Ride the Express Train to Public TV”

6 MAR 2011

The subway advertisements planned for by the Korean JYJ fans are finally installed and have made news.

Headline: JYJ Fans Start Subway Advertisement Campaign, (saying) “Ride the Express Train to Public TV”

[Newsen Reporter Lee Minji]

JYJ fans started a Subway Stations Advertisement (campaign).

JYJ Fans United will display their advertisements on the screen doors and the like at 21 stations, including SiCheong, SeunReeng, Jamsil, Shinchon, Hongae Entrance, Kundae, Kangbyun, Jongro 3rd Avenue, Apkujung, and Chungmuro.

The current subway advertisements mainly feature, as did the previous bus advertisements, the slogan “JYJ, We Support Your Youth.” Among these, the phrase that was used for the Hongdae Entrance Station, “Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, Kim Junsu—Ride the Express Train to Public TV,” is eye-catching.

Prior to this, JYJ fans also have staged a bus advertisement campaign (lasting) for one month starting January 27th with the slogan “We Support Your Youth,” in Seoul and other major cities (Kwangju, Daejeon, Daegu, Pusan), through a total of 120 buses.

The fans pointed out that JYJ, despite being very active in fields of musical and drama, are not appearing on any music programs. They decided that JYJ is being hindered in their activities, and on their initiative own began an advertisement campaign to support them.

The donation amount gathered for the advertisements is about 160,000,000 KRW (approximately 160,000 USD) and it is said that currently about 80,000,000 KRW remains. This remainder is planned to be used for the subway advertisement campaign.


Here are some pictures of the ads from the Subway Advertisement Campaign:


In Korea, if you use a specific “QR Code,” it seems that you can interact with the advertisement– in this case, you can watch amazing performance videos by JYJ (presumably on your device). All the clips that a subway-rider may theoretically see by using the QR Code are on the JYJ Fan United’s YouTube Channel,www.youtube.com/user/jyjthebest9.


– via JYJ3

original document: http://jyj3.wordpress.com/2011/03/06/news-pics-jyj-fans-start-subway-ad-campaign-ride-the-express-train-to-public-tv/

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