JYJ’s fanmade internet broadcasting station shuts down after four days

The internet broadcasting station established by JYJ’s fans has shut down, four days after its launch. 

The opening of ‘ilovejyj.com‘ brought in an influx of visitors that crashed its servers. The admins decided to push back its official launch to March 4th, but when fans flocked to view the new site, discord began running through all corners of the fanbase.

Fans discovered that pictures, videos, and other content were used without notice or permission. In addition, the admins had attempted to request fan meeting tickets from JYJ’s agency, which brought up complaints about how the admins were arrogantly dictating the direction of the station.

Further issues arose when the station released an interview of a female politician who was discovered to have had no relation or association to member Park Yoochun. Although admins announced an apology and clarification shortly after, fans continued to criticize the station once they found that the admins were “speaking low of member Kim Junsu” in the following broadcast, which eventually led fans to demand that the station be shut down.

On March 8th, the admins posted the following message:

“We would like to apologize for disturbing the fandom, and as of today, this internet broadcasting station will be closed. The staff members, who are currently working to close it down, are all worried about what negative effects this will have on JYJ. We felt that this short term broadcasting station caused bigger confusion every time our content or broadcasts were reported to the public.

Under the belief that no one would trust the remaining staff members anymore, we mutually decided to close the station.


We would like to express our genuine apologies towards JYJ and their families, their agents, and associates. Everyone watched over our intentions with positive views, and we are thankful and apologetic for the help and support we have been given.”

A representative of the station added, “Due to my carelessness, I have wounded JYJ, their families, and all of their associates who agreed to an interview with us. For that, I would like to bow my head in apology. Our internet broadcasting station will be closing because of my carelessness. For a hundred times over, I would like to apologize.”

Source: Newsen via Nate

– via allkpop.com

original document: http://www.allkpop.com/2011/03/jyjs-fanmade-internet-broadcasting-station-shuts-down-after-four-days

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