Fans protest as Oricon chart removes JYJ music from ranking

Fans protest as Oricon chart removes JYJ music from ranking

March 10, 2011, 4:53pm
JYJ (Photo courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment)
JYJ (Photo courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment)

MANILA, Philippines – Fans of boy band JYJ are outraged as the group has suffered yet another setback in their career in the past week.

In a notice on its website, Japan’s Oricon chart has announced that it would be excluding JYJ’s “Memories in 2010” DVD and “Thanksgiving Live in Dome” album from the charts due to AVEX agency’s decision last year to suspend the activities of JYJ in Japan.

AVEX suspended JYJ’s Japanese activities and instead gave its full support to the TVXQ duo Yunho and Changmin.

The Oricon notice said that AVEX agreed to release the two albums on the condition that no promotion and advertisement by JYJ will be done in Japan.

Fans are accusing AVEX of profiting from JYJ’s music and yet preventing the trio from doing their activities in Japan.

After the JYJ trio (Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Youngwoong Jaejoong) sued SM Entertainment in 2009, they signed up with AVEX as a new group to promote their music in Japan.

However, AVEX suspended JYJ’s activities last year and then expressed its alliance with SM Entertainment.

The move by Oricon has been met with online protests by fans.

“Can you see the AVEX’s true intentions, wanting profits using the three members’ name while avoiding the promotion of their status or popularity in Japan?” one fan with the username ZAI263 posted on the JYJ thread on

JYJ is also suffering in South Korea. The trio cannot promote on TV shows in South Korea due to the ongoing lawsuit between JYJ and SM Entertainment.

A cable channel recently cancelled the airing of JYJ’s reality show. The internet broadcast station set up by fans was also shut down due to internal problems.


– via Manila Bulletin Philippines

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