Over 86,000 fans signed for JYJ Petition

[Midnight News] Over 86,000 fans signed for JYJ Petition

MARCH 13, 2011 BY KQER

JYJ, consists of Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, and Hero Jaejong, could be saved by fans. Over 86,000 fans from 118 countries signed a petition for JYJ and submitted it to Seoul Central District Court to win issue of human rights for broadcasting activities.

This signature petition was translated into 10 languages and conducted through online. TVXQ agency, SM Entertainment, and JYJ were engaged in conflict and caused JYJ couldn’t be free to do broadcasting activities. Lately, a reality program for JYJ was also cancelled.

In a court in October 2009, JYJ members acknowledged their exclusive contracts were unfair. JYJ brought this issue through lawsuit and ended up with contract termination in April last year. SM Entertainment few times gave hard times to JYJ members since then. So this petition is a kind of fans reaction to help their idols.

Meanwhile, JYJ cancelled the fan meeting in Japan due to earthquake and returned safely to Korea today.

S : News Nate

Written by KQer (karen.qer.kamal@koreanupdates.com)

– via koreanupdates.com

original document: http://koreanupdates.com/2011/03/13/midnight-news-over-86000-fans-signed-for-jyj-petition/

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