JYJ successfully completes their first official fan meeting

On March 12th, JYJ completed their first official fan meeting with 7,000 fans. It marked their first meeting in four months since their concert last November.

With gagman Kim Bum Yong as the MC, the 3-hour long fan meeting featured a total of seven performances, which included Empty,” “Be My Girl,” “Found You,” “Mission,” and “Nine.”

Junsu stated, “I worried a lot over whether I would be able to attend our fan meeting today, but I’m glad that we were able to hold it safely. The situation with the earthquake in Japan is severe.  We will be praying for the safety of our fans in Japan.”

Since the fan meeting was divided into two parts, the second half saw guest appearances from Shin Young Sook, Cool’s Kim Sung Soo, and Yoochun’s younger brother, Park Yoohwan.

Kim Sung Soo turned to praise Jaejoong by commenting, “I haven’t known Jaejoong for that long, but his soul is very pure.” Park Yoohwan continued the string of compliments by choosing Jaejoong when he was asked to name a member he’d like to resemble the most.

A special event was also held during the fan-meeting, in which 16 fan replies were chosen for a worldcup competition; the members would narrow down their choice for the best message until they ended up with one. The fan reply that was ultimately chosen was, “I’m a fan that just believes and trusts.”

JYJ commented, “We’d like for our fans to always believe in us and wait.  We’ll be working hard in order to repay that trust.”

During their performance of “Found You,” balloons were strewn over the concert hall and later popped to sprinkle marshmallow candies over the fans in celebration of the ‘White Day’ holiday. As it was a touching moment, JYJ and their fans cried together.

CJES Entertainment concluded, “Because of everyone who worried and gave their support, Kim Junsu was able to return safely and keep his promise to his fans. We hope that this fan meeting will forever remain as an unforgettable ‘White Day.’”

Source: Star News via Nate

– via allkpop.com

original document: http://www.allkpop.com/2011/03/jyj-successfully-completes-their-first-official-fan-meeting

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