JYJ’s message to Japanese Fans

JYJ’s Message to Japanese Fans

14 March 2011


From JYJこんにちは。JYJです。







Hello From JYJ. The JYJ.

What words start with you, I do not know. Steeped in sorrow andfear and many people in Japan by an unexpected disaster, among them so that everyone knows that some of our most important fans,so my chest hurts. With people who were killed by the earthquakeleaving Friday, pray for the safety of people whose whereabouts are still unknown.

Despite the terrible disaster, looking at his calm response to thereceived emotion.
This disaster is not only Japan’s sorrow, sorrow I believe all humanity. We all have hope, if not lose your courage, the clouds will soon disappear, I think Sun will be illuminated.

Day of the earthquake when I was in Tokyo, I was really surprised.Therefore, the disappearance, including Korean residents in Japan have become concerned about the safety of Japanesenationals, while sure to be reported in the media bulletins arewatching. All but very power, please submit. We are with you thatJYJ. I want to help.

I hope everyone can meet with Japanese fans soon. I want to seeeveryone. And I love you.

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