JYJ donates 600 million won to World Vision

JYJ donates 600 million won to World Vision

Submitted: Mar 16 2011 02:11 AM by Uni

Yesterday, JYJ left a heartfelt message for Japanese fans on their website and created a video as well. Now it has been reported that JYJ has donated 600 million won ($529,000~USD) to World Vision, one of the many relief organizations currently helping areas of Japan that were affected by the earthquake.

JYJ’s Junsu was in Japan on March 10th when the earthquake occurred, but was not directly affected unlike areas such as Sendai and Fukushima. He had been in Japan for his Japanese schedules and was due in Korea for JYJ’s first fanmeeting the next day when the earthquake hit Japan.

The 600 million won that JYJ has donated to World Vision will be used to provide emergency relief in Sendai and Fukushima by sending supplies, helping with the city’s reconstruction and recovery, and opening a shelter program.

In addition, JYJ will spread the word of the Japan disaster as they set out on their second world tour starting April 2nd in Bangkok. They will be sending support to those in Japan through their website, SNS, and World Vision to get others to donate to the relief fund.

JYJ said, “We were hesitant to announce our donation to the public. But we hope that being aware of our donations will enable others to donate as well.” They also said, “We hope that the donation will be used effectively in the areas with the most damage. We hope that the Japanese people will regain their strength and safety as soon as possible.”

Please send out your condolences to everyone in Japan affected by the earthquake. Visit www.redcross.org or text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 from your phone. The Huffington Post also has a list of ways you can help: How to Help Japan: Earthquake Relief Options.

Source: Newsen



– via koreaboo.com

original document: http://www.koreaboo.com/index.html/_/general/jyj-donates-600-million-won-to-world-vision-r4531

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