86,000 fans sign petition for JYJ legal and human rights

86,000 fans sign petition for JYJ legal and human rights

Submitted: Mar 15 2011 03:45 PM by soulmsarang

It seems that in times of trouble, JYJ do not stand alone. In fact, as at February 28, they stood a little over 86,000 strong as international fan initiative “Project Save JYJ” submitted to the Seoul Central District Court and the Fair Trade Commission a petition urging for the recognition and protection of JYJ’s legal and human rights.

Started by American law student and Korean citizen, Jimmie Kim, the petition was first drafted in English, then translated into 10 other languages including French, Portuguese, Turkish and Spanish. The petition cross-referenced a number of international human rights law, international labor law and international treaties on civil and political liberties. Kim explained, “as someone who loves the culture of the Republic of Korea and has studied international law, I felt a sense of responsibility and so participated in the drafting of the petition”. Kim went so far as to consult the American Fair Trade Commission to research similar precedents.

The campaign for signatures ran from February 2 to 25. It gathered a total of 86,418 signatures from 118 nations across the globe, including countries that might have appeared far removed from the Korean wave, such as Egypt, Cuba, Jamaica, Kenya and Somalia. The success of the petition is the result of an amalgamation of Korean culture worldwide and Kim explained that “the Korean culture is no longer just the property of Korea.” As if to further prove this point, the petition is signed “the United Consumers of the Korean Wave and Supporters of JYJ”.

With the final results of the JYJ and SM Entertainment dispute hanging on today’s March 15 hearing, perhaps JYJ can take solace in knowing that they have support from their fans throughout the world. Stay tuned for the results of the hearing.

Source: ChosunNate and TheJYJFiles

– via koreaboo.com

original document: http://www.koreaboo.com/index.html/_/general/86000-fans-sign-petition-for-jyj-legal-and-hum-r4498

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