International fans gather to support Japan via the JYJ Charity Foundation Japan Relief Fund

International fans gather to support Japan via the JYJ Charity Foundation Japan Relief Fund

Submitted: Mar 16 2011 04:10 AM by junchan 

On March 11, a 9.0 magnitude mega-earthquake rocked the North-eastern coast of Japan. The earthquake triggered massive tsunamis as tall as 10 meters high which destroyed entire towns and flooded the Sendai International Airport. Officials have confirmed over 3,000 deaths, and the total death toll is expected to pass 10,000. Survivors are facing another challenge, as nuclear reactors including four at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power plant have exploded due to cooling systems failures, causing radiation leaks.

Dozens of Korean celebrities went to their Twitter accounts to leave comments of condolences and prayers in Korean, English and Japanese. Some went even further and donated hundreds of thousands of USD to the earthquake victims. Most recently, CJeS revealed that JYJ has donated 600 million won to Japan.

After some planning, a close friend of JYJ, “John the Egg,” launched the “JYJ Charity Foundation Japan Relief Fund,” stating:

We have an opportunity to show compassion and kindness to the people of Japan. The images and videos I’ve seen on the news have been horrific to say the least. I can’t imagine what the people of Japan are going through. Seeing the destruction, I don’t even know how we can help, if we can even make a difference, but we will try. We MUST try. We can’t stand idly by. Thousands have lost their family, children, mothers, homes, and even hope. Many children are crying out of hunger and fear, and men and women have lost their homes and jobs. We can’t turn back time or put things the way they were, but what we can do is take action and show our kindness and a helping hand to these people that lost hope, peace, family, and their way of life. With your generosity they might be able to eat, find shelter, have a warm blanket, and perhaps reunite with their families again. We just hope for a sense of normalcy and possibly put a smile on their face once again.

We will be collecting donations from all of you to give to the people of Japan. The least we can do is offer up our prayers for them and send our gifts. This is why the JYJ Charity Foundation was created. Our mission statement, “We are a fan base of JYJ promoting the welfare of mankind through good deeds” will be our motto and steer this vehicle for future good deeds. Please join in giving to this cause. Please send your best for the people of Japan. You will regret many things in life, but you will NEVER regret being kind. Thank you.

Within one day, the foundation has already received over $5,000 USD in donations, which is 5% of their $100,000 USD target goal. To donate to the “JYJ Charity Foundation Japan Relief Fund,” click here. Please send out your condolences for Japan.

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