JYJ Sporting Tracksuits Just Like Models: “That Hello Kitty tracksuit is kinda…” Giving off Contrast Charm

[Trans] 110318 JYJ Sporting Tracksuits Just Like Models: “That Hello Kitty tracksuit is kinda…” Giving off Contrast Charm

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The 3 members of JYJ revealed a recent activity picture that grabbed netizens’ attention.

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong uploaded a picture on March 17th afternoon through his twitter with a note saying “Let’s practice even harder!”.

The picture showed Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, and Park Yoochun were all dressed in tracksuits. Eventhough they’re styled casually, but the members still appeared as if they’re in a photoshoot that displayed various attractions, proven fact that the trio are indeed Korea’s popular artists.

One who attracted most attention is particularly Kim Jaejoong who stood at the centre of the group. Despite the picture was taken indoor, Kim Jaejoong still put his sunglasses on and held up his fist, thus drew laughter. Furthermore, while Kim Jaejoong had a charismatic expression on his face, yet he wore a Hello Kitty tracksuit, a kind of fashion that can not be easily pulled off by a man, which gave off a whole different appeal.

Regarding this twitter picture by Kim Jaejoong, netizens commented, “It’s been a long time since I saw these 3 members in one picture. Now we see you in a training hall.” “Kitty Kitty daebak! ke ke You try to be serious but turns to be cute.” “I really can’t wait to see you TV appearance. Fighting!”

credit: News Nate
trans: sharingyoochun.net



– via sharingyoochun.net

original document: http://sharingyoochun.net/2011/03/18/trans-110318-jyj-sporting-tracksuits-just-like-models-“that-hello-kitty-tracksuit-is-kinda…”-giving-off-contrast-charm/

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