JYJ Kim JaeJoong’s Recent Update “Positive Consideration of an Offer of a new Work Piece”

[NEWS] JYJ Kim JaeJoong’s Recent Update “Positive Consideration of an Offer of a new Work Piece”

March 19, 2011 by withjyj

Boy Group JYJ Kim JaeJoong’s recent update.
On the night of 18 March, through Fashion Magazine ELLE’s TV Channel, ELLE atTV, JaeJoong’s photo video ‘Movie Still JaeJoong’s Chapter’ was broadcasted.
On this day, he said, “There are a lot of new propositions of work piece, all of which i’m reviewing it positively.”
He added, “I am spending my time taking up lessons and studying.” and “acting lessons, english lessons, golf lessons and more. These are all my hobbies and it will be an experience for me and these studies that might become useful to my work in future.”
Adding on, he didn’t miss out to mention of his upcoming JYJ World Tour. He said, “The album that’s to be released in the USA, and discussions with regards about the performance of the World Tour, there are plans to go to the US for a couple of weeks.” and added, “We’re planning to show more of what we wasn’t able to show at the only concert we had. Please show us lots of support.”
You can also find more of the unreleased cuts of sensational videos and a honest interview with JaeJoong that wasn’t shown on the video on the copy of ELLE magazine March issue.

Source: TV Daily

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