Backstage Staff Account of JYJ

(TRANS) Backstage Staff Account of JYJ

20 MAR 2011

First impressions

Junsu was a redhead then. He’s skinnier in person than on camera. His legs are slim, even slimmer than the female translator’s. His face is small, and his laughter is very interesting!
Yoochun’s face is REALLY small, palm-sized (T/N it means the size of a hand) his shoulder is broad. his skin is fair, lips red, looks like a doll. but his voice is very manly, although i can’t understand what he’s saying…
Kim Jaejoong looks really cool. i don’t know why his fangirls call him ‘huahua’, I personally think he’s manly. (T/N chinese fans call jaejoong ‘huahua’, which is his pet name, which means flower) backstage, he took out his mask, WOW, his skin is sooo good, befitting of a star. He’s quite interesting too.

Also their fans sent food to JYJ, they also sent to the staff. That’s generous. The food they sent are quite expensive too. Jaejoong and Junsu were discussing about the food. I saw Junsu took a bit out of this black cake, and then stuff the remainder into Jaejoong’s mouth. After that, the two were play-fighting. Yoochun was just looking on. (LOL Jaesu>.<)

During rehearsals, I heard them sing.
They were pretty professional, unlike some other artists who rehearse haphazardly.
When I heard them sing, I asked, is this live? Silly I know, but because I’ve heard too many artistes lip-synced.

When they were rehearsing, they adjusted the pitch twice, they were serious about where to walk, where to take their places etc.

Even the part where they were supposed to interact with fans were rehearsed 3-4 times.
Their dancing is not bad, though I personally feel the dancers are better.

I saw Jaejoong and Yoochun looking at photos, I think it was a photo of yoochun with perma. Jaejoong was moving his hand about Yoochun’s head, gesturing, then Yoochun laughed. I don’t know what they were laughing at, but I saw Jaejoong messing up Yoochun’s hair.

The make-up artist says out of the 3, Jaejoong has the best complexion, just that he has dark circles and eyebags, but these are easy to cover-up. As for yoochun, they put on some foundation/power and eyeliner. Yoochun and Jaejoong has different skin tone, Jaejoong’s is ‘cooler’ because he is too fair.

That’s right, they’ve left good impressions on me. Because they’re professional and thoughtful.

As to why are they so popular?
Jaejoong? Firstly, he’s very fashionable. He looks cool wearing shades, and with the mask, looks cold. But he’s very well-mannered. He says hello to everyone.
Yoochun looks very unapproachable with his shades on. But after he takes them off, it’s not that bad. But he’s not as warm as the other two, he doesn’t play around like them. I think that’s because he’s not familiar with us, he’s close to this dancer, Jaejoong too, I heard the two of them calling that dancer ‘oppa’ in jest.
Junsu? Very professional. And I just keep seeing him play-fighting with the other two. He’s the most serious during rehearsals. Backstage, he’s always randomly humming songs. Sometimes Jaejoong would harmonise with him, and Yoochun will also join in. not sure if they’re writing songs.

Let’s talk about costumes.
Jaejoong changes the fastest, and he’s not fussy about the outfits. I saw that he had A LOT of accessories in his bag. And he’s pretty good and accessorizing.
Remember the blue furry outfit? It’s quite heavy, that one. And the furs kept going into his mouth, that outfit was tricky because it kept interfering with the earpiece wire, and it was difficult to adjust through it. It was very frustrating. But Jaejoong didn’t say anything (T/N meaning didn’t complain)

(some parts about food… omitted)

Backstage, they were quite high. Jaejoong kept teasing Junsu… Junsu will blush and then chase after Jaejoong, beating him up. (LOL! Reminds me of the scene in memories dvd. haha)

Junsu is very serious when working, and he’s the fastest to get into the mood of things. To me, he’s the most professional.

To Continue…


Source: Threevoices bar

Trans by: @white_faith 123

Shared by: JYJ3



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