“The Power of Park Yoochun” Oh! Amazing~

(NEWS) “The Power of Park Yoochun” Oh! Amazing~

20 MAR 2011

“The Power of Park Yoochun” Oh! Amazing.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Fan (Write-in) Impressions, 400,000

The power of Park Yoochun was immense.

The (write-in) impressions by the viewers of the KBS drama Sungkyungkwan Scandal which aired last year was over 401,000 as of the twentieth. Viewer Ms. Son Sukja became the 400,000 person to post the impressions with the words “So-sang left the place for a bit. (T/N: So-sang is a word which students use to refer to oneself; the phrase that Ms. Son used is one that Yoochun used in role.)” on the 18th. The die-hard fans of Sungkyunkwan Scandal poured out words such as “Sukja sangyu, congratulations” and “Son-sahyung, congratulations at 400,000.” (T/N: Sangyu and sahyung are both words used to refer the four leads in the drama. The meanings are explained later in the article.)

The viewer (write-in) impressions of the SBS drama “Secret Garden,” which went through the (ceiling of) the 30% ratings and was a sensation, is currently about 404,000. This allows the reader to guess just how heated the response of the viewers who liked Park Yoochun and others. Sungkyunkwan Scandal’s average ratings stayed at about 12.8% (according to AGV Neilson Media Research) but the loyalty of the viewers were so high as to be unmatched.


The viewers have had fun with “living the Sungkyunkwan life,” for instance greeting each other with words “Sangyu” and “Sahyung” which mean “student” and “sunbae.” Sunkyunkwan Scandal has long ended but they’ve become so immersed in the drama as to make the Viewers Posting Room as their main room of the house.

The Executive Producer of the KBS Drama Productions Lee Kang Hyun explained: “Among the many dramas that KBS produced last year, Sungkyunkwan Scandal was a success because the viewer response was so heated, and “King of Breadmaking Kim Takgu” and “Chuno” were successes because they had high ratings.”

Park Yoochun plans to appear in “Miss Ripley” (working title), the MBC Monday-Tuesday mini-series that is to air in May.

What a great article!

C-JeS hasn’t made public its “final answer” on ” Miss Ripley even though it said it would last week (see here).

T__T…. Oh well, haha… the fans are getting excited anyhow! ^__^

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