Yoochun seems to be confirmed for “Miss Ripley”

(INFO) Yoochun seems to be confirmed for “Miss Ripley”

21 MAR 2011

According to numerous fans who have called C-Jes today, Yuchun is confirmed to star in the MBC Drama “Goodbye Miss Ripley.”

In fact, during one phone conversation, when a fan asked why C-Jes hasn’t released any news articles with their official statement, C-Jes replied, “well, they’ve [referring to MBC] already gone ahead and released so many all this time.”

Plus, there was also this recent tweet from a “Miss Ripley’s” staff:

[Trans] I’m at a meeting for drama “Ripley”~ He’s handsome~ Mickey Yuchun~ of course he’s DBSK~ It’s like light is coming out~ I’m purifying my eyes by comparing manager and Mickey Yuchun~^^

Looks like we’ll see actor Yuchun soon! I’m definitely looking forward to it!


Source: 유동, 돈잘나$ of DC동방신기겔러리

Trans by: withJYJ




– via JYJ3

original document: http://jyj3.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/info-yoochun-seems-to-be-confirmed-for-“miss-ripley”/


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