JYJ: “It is unfair for us to be excluded from the Oricon charts”

JYJ: “It is unfair for us to be excluded from the Oricon charts”

March 22, 2011 9:15 pm dkpopnews

As the issue of JYJ fans being unhappy with JYJ’s album being excluded from the Oricon prolongs, JYJ expressed their views through their management saying that “this is ‘an unfair treatment’.”

On 9th March, a representative of JYJ told Star News: “Avex is hindering JYJ’s activities in Japan and yet they are selling their albums to make profits at the same time. We feel that this is unreasonable”. Earlier on, JYJ’s representative has announced that with regards to JYJ’s Japan’s activities as well as their album sales, the distribution of the profits earned was not appropriate. He also added that “we feel very sorry seeing Japanese fans together with those from Korea getting disappointed and hurt once and again while waiting for JYJ. But with regards to any album release related to JYJ, (Avex) has never discussed with us, and we hope this can be fixed as soon as possible”.

Recently, Oricon charts, a music-related sales ranking chart that has received a lot of trust from the public, announced that they have decided to remove JYJ’s DVD ‘Memories in 2010’ and album ‘Thanksgiving Live In Dome Live CD’ from the charts.

According to Oricon, this decision being made as Avex, being the owner of the rights to the sale of these two albums from JYJ, has cancelled their contract with the activities of the artistes. [T/N: Unfortunately, if there weren’t any major changes from last year, the contract between JYJ and Avex has not expired yet. Avex, THSK’s management company in Japan, has already announced a one-sided delay for an unlimited period for JYJ’s activities last year.]

Oricon explained that, as JYJ’s activities in Japan has been interrupted, Avex had decided not to hold any promotional activities for the two albums, but after reviewing them, they decided to release them to revitalize the market. Due to this reason, both albums were excluded from the rankings on the chart.

Avex announced in September last year that they will stop all activities in Japan for JYJ, a three-member group that includes Hero JaeJung, Micky YuChun and Xiah JunSu.

At that point of time, Avex claimed that “as the three members of THSK are in a dispute with SM Entertainment with regards to their contracts, it seems that our contracts with JYJ will also be invalid. Because of this, we have immediately stopped all activities the three members had in Japan”.

Source: TVXQbaiduChinaNews
Translation: silvermavis & halo92 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com

Source: Daily K Pop News

– via en.korea.com

original document: http://en.korea.com/blog/enter/k-pop/news-jyj-it-is-unfair-for-us-to-be-excluded-from-the-oricon-charts/

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