Jaejoong experiences extreme popularity in Thailand

(NEWS) 110324 Jaejoong experiences extreme popularity in Thailand

24 MAR 2011

JYJ member, who is working as JYJ’s overall director in “JYJ World Tour Concert in 2011,” recently visited Thailand and met with fans.

Such a meeting was revealed through the on-line community. Jaejoong, who met with Thailand’s press revealed, “I want to have a concert in close proximity with fans.” Afterward, Jaejoong appeared in a program and interacted with fans.

Wearing a black suit with 2-3 buttons undone, Kim Jaejoong emitted his “handsomeness in a suit” and showed off his charm by dancing to “Be my girl” in front of his hands. This song is especially famous because of its choreography promised to be performed with fans. Fans who participated as audiences cheered Jaejoong on and gave even more strength to Jaejoong’s stage.

Meanwhile, JYJ starts its Asia Tour on April 2nd in Bangkok, Thailand. Afterward, JYJ plans to travel through United States and Canada. The concept behind this tour is “Creative Challenge” and overall director Kim Jaejoong is working hard, overseeing meetings with light, sound, and media staff, as well as meetings with choreographers, stylists, and prop directors.

Source: TVReport

Trans by: withJYJ

Shared by: JYJ3



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original document: http://jyj3.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/news-110324-jaejoong-experiences-extreme-popularity-in-thailand/


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