From DNBN – On the rumors about Indonesian Concerts – C-Jes’s Position

[Twitter] From DNBN – On the rumors about Indonesian Concerts – C-Jes’s Position

March 27, 2011 by withjyj

@DNBNofficial [DNBN is a major DBSK fansite in Korea] tweeted the following regarding C-Jes’s position on the Indonesia Concert AFTER speaking DIRECTLY to C-Jes by phone.


and be on the look-out tomorrow for an official statement from C-Jes.

인도네시아 공연 프로모터로 알려진 DCI에 의한 티켓 판매는 C-jes와 정식 협의없이 선 발매된 사항이라고 하오니 인도네시아 콘서트 티켓구매에 유의하여 주시기 바랍니다. 티켓은 가급적 C-jes 정식 공지 이후에 구매해주세요.

C-jes에 문의 결과 월드투어 인도네시아 콘서트 취소 여부는 아직 결정되지 않았습니다. 내일 안으로 C-jes 홈페이지를 통해 정식 공지가 있을 예정이니 근거없는 음해성 루머유포는 중단해 주세요.

[Trans – From @DNBNofficial] According C-jes, nothing has been decided about the cancellation of the Indonesia World Tour Concert. C-jes will upload its official notice tomorrow on their web page, so pleas stop spreading defamatory rumors without basis.

The pre-sales of JYJ Indonesia concert tickets by DCI was not officially contracted with C-Jes.Be careful of buying tickets from DCI. Please buy tickets after C-Jes official announcement tomorrow.

*T/N: If you are truly a JYJ fan, please stop spreading baseless rumors. It doesn’t only hurt JYJ. It hurts fans all around the world.

And fans, please, just because something is said on twitter doesn’t necessarily make it true.Please check the facts before RTing messages.

If all else fails, message the rumor to me, and I will verify the facts for you.

Like I said on twitter a while back. If tweet that I’m actually a reputable scientist who just mutated a pig so that it can now fly, does it mean that there now really exits  a pig that can fly?

A pretty ridiculous claim, right? Well, some claims about JYJ out there are just as ridiculous. Please use your common sense.

Source. @DNBNofficial

Trans by. @DCtvxq_gall, withJYJ

– via withJYJ

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