Jaejoong and Junsu Twitter Update (JJ will “put on flowers” for JS T___T)

(TRANS) 110328 Jaejoong and Junsu Twitter Update (JJ will “put on flowers” for JS T___T)

It’s really cute just how much Jaejoong wants to see his Members and friends. T__T

Jaejoong: Aja (T/N: Korean exclamation close to “let’s go,” “yeah!”) Tomorrow Member(s) come!

Junsu: @mjjeje Wait… I’m coming!!!!^^ haha

Jaejoong: @0101xiahtic Have thou arrived?? haha (T/N: The sentence is constructed so that it is somewhat archaic (and humorous). I try to duplicate the effect by inserting “thou”).

Jaejoong: @0101xiahtic I just saw the message! Thou hast arrived~~~ Let Hyung (T/N: Jaejoong) hurry and put on some flowers (to greet thee)… (T/N: Jaejoong again uses language that is somewhat archaic. Also, “to put on flowers” is an old-fashioned term for decorating oneself to look pretty for a special occasion. Jaejoong means that Junsu’s arrival is so special to him that he’ll pay special attention to his appearances for Junsu’s benefit.)

Just for fun ^^~~~<3

Source: @mjjeje; @0101xiatic

Translation CreditJYJ3

Picture SourceDaum

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original document: http://jyj3.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/trans-110328-jaejoong-and-junsu-twitter-update-jj-will-put-on-flowers-for-js-t___t/


  1. jaejoong oppa arab people are the biggest fan of kpop, but after this insult we need know your reaction from sbs star king situation???

  2. jaejoong oppa, what do you say to sbs star king when they made fun about soudi arabia‘s culture and religion even thats not real!!! pleas replay.

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