New Videos from Fan Meeting… Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu

(VIDEO + TRANS) New Videos from Fan Meeting… Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu

28 MAR 2011

These videos were shown at the White Day Fanmeeting. The boys sent a message to their imaginary girlfriends, lol. They imagined various scenarios and acted them out.

Translation below the Cut!

[A Video-Message from Jaejoong has arrived.]

Ah hello? Aha, it’s Jaejoong.

So, er, how was the Fan Meeting for you?

Our Fan Meeting, I said a lot of things that made your hands curl, huh?

Ah… me… I… In truth, because honey kept looking at me… I was holding back a bit! Because honey was looking at me and so I was afraid that the others (T/N: members) might do things… So I was holding back, I was…

So you came to our performance today… and that is that… but,

You do know what today is, right?

It’s White Day~!!! Ahahahahaha

Is it weird for me to say it with my own mouth?

You know how on Valentine’s Day honey didn‘t give me any chocolate?

So… it seemed to me that, on the opposite, I should give you presents, that are better and a lot of them …

And so that’s why I’m telling you this, through this video message—

So, more so than any other couples, for longer and longer,

And waiting for the White Day of next year, and the White Day of the year after that,

Let’s be even more happily in love with each other.

Thank you so much for today,

It’s quite late now, and so sleep well tonight, I’ll call you again tomorrow


[The Video Message Has Ended]

[A Video-Message from Yoochun has arrived.]

Today.. is White Day… so I have something to say to you…. I have something to say… and

It’s nothing but that…. My feelings… that I’ve… liked you, for a quite while…

Well, it may seem as if (I am) scared, since I’m confessing (my love) to you this on White Day, like everyone else

It’s necessary that you get to know me better and I get to know you better, but the process of getting to know (each other) itself… I wish that we can get to know each other as lovers.

From now on, I’m in your hands… let’s have a good relationship (T/N: literally, let’s meet well).

[The Video Message Has Ended]

[A Video-Message from Junsu has arrived.]

Ah, tomorrow is… White Day, and so I’ve prepared a video message for you!

Just what country…  how big of a country… how many countries… must I have saved in my past life, that

I’ve met someone like you, and

Can make a video message as this— I’m looking at myself, and

In some way, even more, I feel happy

And because it’s you, I feel happy.

It’s nothing but.. .and there’s that… er…

You are always with me,

Always think of only me

And wait only for my phone calls… and so

I’m really thankful, and so I in turn

Think of only you, cherish only you, and

Am able to gaze only at you… and so

You who give me this courage, I am thankful, thank you.

Always, I’ll be by your side.

I love you.

[The Video Message Has Ended]


It’s probably safe to think of these messages as messages to us fans– who are in love with them and whom they love.


Credit: C-JeS Entertainment


Translation CreditJYJ3



– via JYJ3

original document:



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