CreBeau Cosmetics to Take Serious Legal Action Against Rumor-Spreaders

(NEWS) CreBeau Cosmetics to Take Serious Legal Action Against Rumor-Spreaders

1 APR 2011

Long-standing Malicious False Rumor Spreaders Will Be Taken Care Of Through Legal Means

CreBeau Cosmetics, which has been misperceived by a portion of fans on the matter of the lawsuit between the popular idol group TVXQ, has stood up to take strong legal measures against malicious fans.

CreBeau Corporation has had charged a portion of these fans – who spread rumors on not only internet blogs but various forms of internet communities false rumors that the company was a ponzi-scheme, that it manipulated stock prices in the tunes of millions of KRW, and that it used unverifiable and harmful substances as the cosmetics base – last year to the judicial authorities. Among them, for those who deleted on their own the false rumors, the company withdrew from pursuing the charges. For the other (charged fans), they have received judgments to pay fines of over 2,000,000 KRW (approximately 2,000 USD) and are facing a civil lawsuit.

Furthermore, last year as well, the public prosecutor has concluded also that the Cosmetics company is unrelated to the lawsuit between the group TVXQ (in its former form) and the agency, and that it was innocent and not guilty of all charges and arguments that SM made.

Despite this, however, some malicious fans are  even now writing false rumors on internet portals and communities and spreading them. Furthermore, they have translated them into English, Japanese, Chinese and other languages and are spreading malicious blogs. Furthermore, they compulsively write malicious replies. Therefore, they are inflicting serious damages to this company not just in Korea but also in the markets abroad. The company therefore has come to take this measure, and it seems that a significant portion of them will become involved in this legal action.

An affiliate of the company said: “Until now we have obtained sufficient evidence and the number of people (against whom we will take legal action) is significant, and so we have finished the legal review along with retaining an attorney. We cannot let alone such acts and people as– acts of writing/posting false rumors and make them be carried and spread around and not deleting them voluntarily; those people who posted false rumors drafted by others; acts of not deleting their own writings even though they have been spread by others; and acts of compulsively writing malicious replie; and others. On this legal action, we will have these people bear all responsibilities available under civil and criminal law.

[JYJ3 Note] If you see something that will be helpful to CreBeau, make the page into a PDF (which has legal evidentiary force). Start saving evidence and we can direct you later to the right contact to send it to.

Source: CreBeau and NewsWire

Translation CreditJYJ3

– via JYJ3

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