[JYJ] ‘Scary wild fan club’ led to lawsuits

[JYJ] ‘Scary wild fan club’ led to lawsuits


Today, April 4th, on MBC news program “News Desk” gave out  ”Scary Wild Fan Club” title on a report news. A fight between JYJ fans has led to lawsuits. Last month on March 4th, JYJ fans gathered to open an online broadcasting but cancelled due to unauthorized copyright materials.

Some issues such as politician matters also appeared on this matter and hasn’t ended yet. The cancellation matter also brought some fans sent blackmails.

S : News Nate

Written by KQer (karen.qer.kamal@koreanupdates.com)

via koreanupdates.com

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  1. This was the NEWS that MBC picked up instead of JYJ’s astounding success in Thailand, a day after the back to back concert happened.
    This is according to Jimmie, our reliable Korean law-student activist from The JYJ Files.
    Amazing isn’t it, what a TV station can choose to show when the invisible hand sets its hold on the control buttons…
    Tsk tsk tsk… MBC, mahiya naman kayo!

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