The Credits to the Four New Songs Revealed!

(NEWS) The Credits to the Four New Songs Revealed!!!

4 APR 2011

JYJ, Total Reveal of Four New Songs—What Are They Like?
Group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) Revealed their new songs in time for their World Tour.

JYJ showed off their four new songs to fans on the 2nd in Bangkok, Thailand’s Impact Arena, for their JYJ World Tour Concert 2011. For these songs, the members participated in their composing and writing of the lyrics.

Particularly, the four songs were all of different styles but as the members perfectly handled the different concepts, they elicited a positive response from the fans.

First, ‘Boy’s Letter’ is a sweet ballad that holds the heart of a young boy for the girl he loves. Kim Jaejoong participated in the song’s creation. Particularly, the three members’ heart-tugging harmony stands out in the song’s climax.

You’re’ is a bright and airy song which holds the message of ‘You, I, and We are One’. Kim Junsu wrote the lyrics. They showed off the song as the last song before the Encore. JYJ made the concert’s atmosphere reach its peak as if they were enjoying a festival with the fans through ‘You’re.’
Get Out’ expresses the devastation and the fury of a man who witnesses the scene of love between a woman that he loves and his friend. Kim Jaejoong composed the song, and Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong co-wrote its lyrics. The fast tempo and the chorus’s addictive melody meld together, so that even those fans who were hearing the song for the first time instantly sunk into the song.

The fourth new song ‘In Heaven’ makes the listener’s heart ring with the heart-tugging harmony of the three members. Kim Jaejoong wrote and composed the song. It was to the extent that when the three members gathered together to sing with passion the lyrics “Please come back for me” the Impact Arena was filled with the cries of fans who were moved.
In particular, this is a song that is a message to a girlfriend who left the world to go to heaven. As Kim Jaejoong’s words – that “the members become sunk into the song when they sing,” the true heart of the members contained in their voices were relayed to the fans intact.

In the current situation, the song of JYJ that is the best known to the public is the Drama OST, “Found You.” The four new songs which were released in such a time showed a potential to each become the representative songs of the group. If these new songs keep bringing out positive responses from the fans throughout the World Tour, it seems that ‘Boy’s Letter,’ ‘You’re,’ ‘Get Out,’ and ‘In Heaven’ can serve as an opportunity for JYJ to become closer to the public.

SourceMy Daily

Translation CreditJYJ3

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