‘JYJ from TVXQ’ is truly being transformed from idols into artists

(OPINION) ‘JYJ from TVXQ’ is truly being transformed from idols into artists

7 APR 2011

It is well known how hard it is for child actors to turn out to be successful actors when they become adults. It is b/c sudden image transition is often difficult to achieve, for example, from the image of younger sisters to women. That’s why there are very few child actors succeed as adult ones.

Moreover, even harder transformation is from idol singers into mature artists. The reason stems from the reality that there is no standard system making it possible to identify idols who get out of initial boundary even when they reach 30 years of age long after debut days. They can‘t suddenly just walk out of the group claiming they are no longer idols or refuse to appear on idol programs. It’s because idols are easily erased from the memories of mass public if their faces are not shown on TV even for a month.

This morning, while reading an article, titled “Restrictions on JYJ activities, are they really poisons?“, I even felt like appreciating SM and KFCAI. If they haven‘t, for the past 2 years, been so cruel isolating JYJ away from TV sphere, I wonder if JYJ could have achieved their current group status of world star artists.

Is it only me who think that 2 year’s of quarantine period from broadcasting world has provided an OPPORTUNITY for JYJ to get rid of idols image and upgraded as ’3 male artists’ group refuted for song writing ability and powerful live stage performers?

However, not everyone going through similarly painful period is capable of achieving the same transformation as JYJ have done. To many other singers, that amount of time can easily work for their names to be forgotten. Instead, JYJ only transformed crisis into opportunities while expanding their scope of talents, such as in musicals, dramas, music directing. All these prove what a great artistic potential JYJ possess, and explain why deep emotions are awaken and fresh anticipations are renewed, on the part of fans, after Thai concert.

Despite the sad circumstance of having not a single song they could claim to sing as their own, JYJ successfully managed to bring forth, within only 8 months, a concert with majority of songs self composed.

Now, I wish all media and broadcasters in Korea realize that ‘JYJ from TVXQ’ has climbed far above the level to be forgotten only because they are outcast-ed by broadcasting stations and that they are Korea’s best artistic asset.

No matter how numerous media manipulations by invisible hands attempt to disintegrate fandom, NOT a single JYJ fan is ever going to turn away from supporting JYJ who keep progressing forward while doing their best.

On the contrary, on every occasion in which the scope of JYJ potentials expend, numbers of their fans will only increase. ‘JYJ from TVXQ’, you have worked truly hard, up to now. Let’s keep moving FORWARD into the world out there.

Source: JYJ Telzone

Trans by: @LongLiveJYJ

Shared by: JYJ3

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