‘JYJ from TVXQ’ have narrowly escaped from a grip of United Asia Management

(OPINION) 110410 ‘JYJ from TVXQ’ have narrowly escaped from a grip of United Asia Management

13 APR 2011

Since yesterday, the hottest issue around entertainment industry has been the creation of UMA (United Asia Management) which will be jointly invested by several giant management companies, thus various speculations are circulating as to the far reaching effect of it.

First of all, this news has been receiving very cold responses from general public,like: (1) It is a suspicious move to prevent activities of their blacklisted artists even outside Korea; (2) Kpop market would eventually go down due to its regressing quality of stereotype music fostered by catching up patterns of united management; (3) People are not to tolerate UAM products as if there still is any patience left after having been forced to put up with all the products of giant idol management companies long enough; (4) It is a typical strategy of market monopoly which doesn’t allow any other portal, rather than themselves, of Hallyu wave.

There is also an opinion that it could be a dirty tactics of SM wanting to restrain JYJ’s oversea activity. However, such an interpretation is likely off the essence, especially if we consider that JYJ, already on the road of world wide artists, are backed up by undeniable popularity and fandom, both of which are not within the reach of any particular agency’s interference oversea. JYJ ticketing powers in Japan and Taiwan during the past few days is a good example. It is needless to mention that the amazing ticketing power and press interest at the first world tour concerts in Thailand, which was held right after a huge joint concert by a whole bunch of Kpop groups, are valid proofs that their popularity is still undying and fans are as loyal as ever.

Giving a birth to world wide stars usually takes a long time. In the case of JYJ, their overall activities, counting from the period of Japan debut since 2005 till the new activities as JYJ unit last year, were mostly focused on Japan and south east Asia market while domestic market was almost abandoned. As a result of singing and appearing on entertainment program of broadcasting stations with fluent Japanese skills,JYJ were being recognized as Jpop,rather than Kpop,singers in Japan.

In disaster stricken Japan as for now, entertainment industry is expected to undergo quite a long period of inert state. Therefore, the prospect of recovering Kpop fever which has recently boomed in Japan market is likewise not at all promising.

Now, let’s bring up several reasons why JYJ has the potentials to cross over, with the help of loyal fandom world wide, the territory of Japan and south east Asia, along with undiminished but ever increasing numbers of fans from now on: (1) Their high level of musical talent, vocal ability, dance skills, inherent sense required of entertainers plus good looks comparable to top selling actors; (2) They are now becoming labeled as multitalented artists distinguished in both singing and acting; (3) They are no longer kpop idol singers but a’three male group’ of world wide artists.

A typical disadvantage of female singers is the difficulty of maintaining loyal fandom, which is a contributing factor for relatively short lived popularity which is not much beyond several years. A good example might be **A who once was a forerunner of opening up Japan market.

On the contrary, ‘three male group’ has an advantage generating three times as much numbers of fans. Furthermore, there is a better chance of expanding the scope and intensity of loyalty even across different gender and generations. JYJ fandom is a good example. A single (unmarried) fan is attracting a boyfriend into the fandom while ahjumma fans(married) are converting their husbands and children into fans. There is not much chance for them to escape from the continuous exposure to JYJ music on their way going to work, school, even at home, thus end up becoming fans.

Today, I feel so much relieved thinking of how fortunate it is that JYJ are NO LONGER ‘copy birds of idols management company’.

JYJ from TVXQ! You are courageous men with freedom! & world wide ‘three male group’ of artists! We will be your wings so that you can fly high and high where no dirty hands of enemies can reach …

P.S. According to a comment under the post, there is also an invisible hand of a large corporate behind UAM … hmm …??

Source: Telzone JYJ
Trans by: @LongLiveJYJ
Shared by: JYJ3

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