[INFO] Sign The Petition for “JYJ Charity Event in Japan to be held as scheduled”

[INFO] Sign The Petition for “JYJ Charity Event in Japan to be held as scheduled”

29 APR 2011

JYJ Charity Event for the Northeast Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Disaster. We strongly request signatures for the JYJ Charity Event to be held as scheduled.

Organizer: Mickey ☆Yuen

Reason for this signature collection: So many precious lives have been lost by the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan and there are still so many disaster victims who need continuous support. Under the circumstances, JYJ stood up to organize a charity event in Japan. However, for certain reasons, it is difficult to get the permission from the venue owner-Saitama Super Arena. (Note: This event was initially planned at Saitama Super Arena)

This signature collection is our plea for the event to be held as planned, considering JYJ’s thoughtfulness towards the disaster victims. We do not want to waste their goodwill. This is to ask for your participation in signing through internet. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Thank you! PC:http://www.shomei.tv/project-1744.html

  • Duration of this collection: From April 19, 2011 – May 1, 2011
  • Where to submit: The organizer will submit them to Saitama Super Arena.
  • Eligibility for participation: For those who LOVE JYJ regardless of nationality.
  • Our Mission Target Signatures Number: Ten thousand (10,000) signatures.

Message from the Organizer: I myself am living in the disaster affected area and I have lost people I know and love, also I have lost my workplace. Looking at the disaster-affected area through my own eyes, I have been thinking if there is anything I can do to help for the disaster victims. I love JYJ and I love my local area. For our country’s reconstruction, your understanding and your cooperation on this request is greatly appreciated! Thank you very much for your time. Kind regards,

Organizer: Mickey ☆Yuen Email: lovesummer0811@rice.ocn.ne.jp (Zoewi) HP: http://jyjproject.web.fc2.com

International fans  please read the followed steps to sign the Petition:

Link: http://www.shomei.tv/project-1744.html

(CLICK STEPS!) JYJ Charity Event Signature Drive for JAPAN


[UPDATE] There are currently two petitions:

1) http://www.shomei.tv/project-1744.html –> ”JYJ Charity Event in Japan to be held as scheduled”

2) http://www.shomei.tv/project-1749.html –> “A Demand Letter from JYJ Japanese fans to Avex” (Read More HERE).

Both Petitions can be signed following the instructions posted above. But We still need to confirm if international fans can participate in the 2) Petition. So far as I know the 2nd Petition isn’t out yet for international fans. So please only sign the 1st Petition:  ”JYJ Charity Event in Japan to be held as scheduled” .

Shared by: JYJ3

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