[NEWS] JYJ’s Place in the History of Korean Entertainment Industry; Why they MUST NOT FAIL

This is the most thoughtful and the most informed article on the JYJ issue that we’ve seen in a long time. Please read to better understand JYJ’s place in thehistory of the Korean entertainment system, why they are being blocked so thoroughly, and why they must not fail.

The 101 Methods With Which to Drive Out JYJ from Broadcast?
“You say you’ll sing on TV”? JYJ Fanclub Publicizes a Parodying Advertisement


At the situation in which Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, and Kim Junsu, who have withdrawn from TVXQ and are newly active as JYJ, cannot appear on Television, JYJ’s fan club ‘DNBN’ has printed a full-page advertisement in a non-fee newspaper and is becoming a topic of conversation.

This advertisement, which is in the form of a parody of a book’s introducing, is formed in the structure of introducing an imaginary book titled “The 101 Methods With Which to Drive Out JYJ from Broadcast.” The advertisement used phrases of irony such as “You say you’ll sing on TV?” and “Entertainers Who’ve Forgotten Their Place as Contractees, the Perfect Method for Blocking Them from Broadcast, All Revealed” to describe the situation that JYJ currently faces.

JYJ fans are arguing: Through the court decision in 2010 JYJ received the judgment that JYJ must be “guaranteed of freedom in activities without interference,” but that due to the interference of mega-entertainment company SM Entertainment (hereafter, SM) and the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry (hereafter KFPCAI) which is at the beck and call of SM (T/N: literally, “tries to figure out SM’s mind and be self-conscious”) JYJ is unable to appear on TV.

It is true that KFPCAI is interfering as an association with JYJ’s activities, doing such deeds as sending letters of official demands/requests for its member companies and each broadcast companies to refrain from casting or airing JYJ. Further, is the reality that the broadcasts agencies, at the beck and call of the mega-entertainment companies, too avoid JYJ’s appearances, so that JYJ cannot appear in any proper broadcast programs even though they record #1 on digital music sold. The court commanded that if an entity interferes with JYJ’s activities that it pays 20,000,000 KRW (approximately 20,000 USD) per instance, but it is that the mega-entertainment companies and broadcast companies are not taking it seriously (T/N: literally, think it light-weight).

JYJ is the first case that has quit the current system of mega-entertainment companies. The question of what kind of activities they engage in is an issue that can act as the standard that can change the treatment of many idol stars who are groaning under the so-called “slave contracts,” and as such is an important question for the normalization of the entertainment industry.

However, paradoxically, this has been felt as an anxiety to the entertainment companies who believe that “if JYJ shows the appearance of achieving success outside of SM, it may cause cracks in the current “trainee” system,” and is creating a consensus that whatever it takes, they must block” JYJ from appearing on TV. This is evaluated to be a kind of a cartel/collusion with the aim that JYJ must be forced to not succeed so that they become the “example case” with which to clamp down on the trainees and the affiliated entertainers.

It is an issue of attention whether due to the active activities of the JYJ fandom in society that JYJ will step over the contradiction of the entertainment industry and be able to meet with fans on a proper stage in a broader way. JYJ fans have continuously raised the problem of JYJ’s lack of appearance on TV through bus advertisements, subway advertisements, and the like. No matter what happens to the future activities of JYJ, the activities of JYJ fan clubs such as DNBN is worthy of being called the most active and passionate fandom (in history) after the “Seotaiji and the Kids” fan club, and will remain as an important signpost in its recording of the fandom’s societal activities.


Translation CreditJYJ3

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