[INFO] Who is really the leader of Hanyru (Korean Wave) — A comparison of JYJ’s Concert in North America with SM’s Concert in Paris

Recently, all of Korean media’s attention has been on SM’s concert soon to be held in Paris. They declare SM to be leaders of the Korean Wave (Hanryu), spreading the Korean culture to even non-Asian countries. On the other hand, despite their upcoming large-scale North American tour, JYJ has been receiving virtually no coverage.

But let’s think for a moment here. Is SM’s concert in Paris really as impressive as it sounds? Are they truly the only leaders of the Korean Wave? Is their concert major enough to deem JYJ’s World Tour insignificant and therefore unworthy of media attention?

Take a look at the following chart and see for yourself.

Hm… Let’s take this one by one.

1) Sponser: JYJ‘s sponsers are AEG, one of the most famous promoters in the world (you can read more about them here), and Samsung Mobile (do I really need to explain how huge of a company and success Samsung mobile is?). SM, on the other hand, is basically sponsoring itself.

2) Number of artists performing: Only Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu for JYJ. SM, on the other hand has at least over 35 people performing.

3) Location: JYJ is performing in 4 different cities in N. America. SM, on the other hand, is only performing in Paris.

4) Seats: JYJ is selling a total of 52,100 seats. SM, on the other hand, is selling 6,300. Three people selling 52,100 seats versus 35+ people selling 6,300. You do the math. Who has the greater selling power? The answer is quite obvious.

Conclusion: A group of three people are working with a MAJOR worldwide promoter and company, performing in 4 North American cities, and selling 52,100 tickets, while a group of 35+ people virtually has no sponsor, and is performing in only Paris and selling only 6,300 tickets. I am in no way suggesting that SM has no role in Hanryu.Their concert in Paris definitely enhances the Korean wave in countries outside of Asia. However, in terms of scale of upcoming concerts, it doesn’t take much to figure out that JYJ clearly is the winner here. If anything, JYJ’s concerts are definitely larger in scale and are more vigorously spreading the “Korean Wave” in non-Asian countries than SM’s concert in Paris.  So tell me Korean media, where are the reports covering JYJ‘s leading role in Hanryu? At the very least, JYJ’s World Tour deserves the same amount of recognition as SM’s upcoming concert. Dear Korean press, when will you stop your biased media coverage? Are you proud of admitting that you are under the control of an unjust figure? Isn’t unbiased and fair representation long overdue in Korean media?

Source. 김박김월드 in DC TVXQ Gallery, withJYJ
~*We will always be with JYJ!!*~

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