[INFO] JYJ 3hree Voices II – Announcements on Payment & About Lucky Lottery Event

[INFO] JYJ 3hree Voices II – Announcements on Payment & About Lucky Lottery Event


Announcement on Payment

To all JYJ’s International fans around the world


We thank you so much for all your concerns and interests in JYJ 3hreevoices II.
On the matter of the payment, as a lot of fans have suggested, we decided to adopt Paypal.
However, this is going to take some time and we are not sure at the moment when this is going to be available.
We will let you know as soon as we implement Paypal.
Meanwhile, we will omit the requirement “wire transfer within 3days of registration” for the wire transfer customers.
You will now have two options for payment, either Paypal or wire transfer, but the deadline May 15th still remains.

About Lucky Lottery Event

We also want to inform you about the Lucky Lottery Event.

You will be registered for the event automatically when you send your order registration email to us.

Prizes are

Autographed Polaroid pictures of JYJ
Autographed Polaroid Camera that JYJ used to take pictures while shooting videos for 3hree voices.
Yukata(Japanese traditional bathrobe) that Junsu wore.
Posters designed by Eto-san.

Further notice will be announced through our JYJ 3hree voices website. Until then, please check out website regularly for further announcements. Thank you.

Source: 3hree Voicess
Shared by: JYJ3

Thanks to Cindy (TIP)

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