[Fanaccount] To Be “In the Presence of Something So Great”… JYJ World Tour in Beijing

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Fan Account 5: 110507 JYJ Concert in Beijing

I’m going to talk about the overall concert and then go into individual songs, just in case people don’t want to read a super long fanaccount, they can just read the first part ^^

This is was one of the best concerts that I have been to, hands down. Over my 7 years of being a DBSK fan, this is one of the proudest I have ever been of any of the boys. The concert brought tears to my eyes, even more so because I knew how much effort that went into it.

First of all, the stage design was not exactly what was expected. I heard that they had some problems w/ the protruding stage, but I don’t think it made much of a difference. The way it was, I think it offered a better view even for the fans in the back of the stadium.

The fan projects that happened were really great. This was my second time being part of a green ocean (first being during Mirotic Con in Shanghai in 2009) and it was still as beautiful as I remembered it. I’m really glad JJ’s fans do it every concert, I’m sure it brings a great sense of nostalgia and love to Jaejoong and he always seems to love it a lot.

Yoochun’s blue ocean was kind of funny because his fans had the light up blue mickey mouse ears and then blue mickey mouse lightsticks. There were also many light up “Always Keep the Health” signs, and I saw all three of them laugh at them when they saw them.

As for Junsu’s pink ocean, at first I thought I couldn’t see it because the pink color was too similar to the red lightsticks, but I learned later on that many of the lightsticks that Su’s fanclubs had given out didn’t work well. But there were plenty of red lightsticks everywhere and Su’s fans chanted extremely loudly, so I’m sure Su still felt their love for him.

The fans would also chant “JYJ” after all of the songs that they sung (or the boy’s individual names if it was a solo) so I know the boys really did hear and feel all the love spread to them. There were also many light up “JYJ Start Again” signs, as well as more than 10K banners they passed out to the crowd. You can tell the boys were really touched seeing those as well.

Jaejoong and Yoochun looked a bit tired and ill, sadly, but they gave out their best energy and were joking around with the audience and fans the whole time. I think they were both invigorated after seeing the blue and green oceans and hearing everyone chant for them. But Jaejoong’s eyebags were very prominent and Yoochun looked exhausted near the end, so I hope they get a lot of rest before the US show.

Despite being tired or ill, JYJ gave one of the best performances I have ever seen. Their vocals were amazing. Seriously CD quality. And the dancing was really energetic. They also interacted with the fans a lot, changing words here and there into Chinese, asking fans to put their hands up, and joking around & laughing with the crowd.

The efforts that these three boys into their music and performances really show. They have such passion for what they do and they care so much about all of their fans. The talent and the love they put into ever single little thing just reminded me exactly of why I am such a huge fan of theirs. Despite everything they have gone though, they put their best foot forward and are showing everyone exactly what their potential is and the power of what they can do.

It was truly breathtaking, and being there– seeing their smiles, their passion, their absolute talent. I don’t think there was a dry eye left in the entire stadium. It was like witnessing the birth of a legend. Above all else, I hope that JYJ can continue to spread their wings and continue to create, love, and do more of exactly what they are doing now because it is absolutely beautiful to watch.

(okay, so now I am going to talk about each of the songs individually. It’ll be long, so if you don’t want to read it you can just stop here ^^)

Empty This was the first song of the concert. Before all of us were just standing around (no one in my section was sitting) and waiting for the boys to come. There were the glass boxes on stage, and we were all expecting for the boys to appear in there. The music started and everybody started going crazy. Then the boys popped up from out of stage! (I guess there were trap doors there) and everybody was screaming so loudly. The boys then sang & moved around a lot. They all got into boxes near the end of the song and wow…it actually gave off a really cool effect.

I.D.S After Empty, the boys left the boxes, and instead they put the mannequin men into them. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, those mannequins kind of freak me out. But it was okay, because the boys were distracting me. The I.D.S dance is actually really cool and Jun-chan rocked the whole song with his adlibs.

Nine came right after I.D.S This, of course, is such a beautiful song and the beauty of it was not lost at all in the live perfomance. If there is one thing JYJ can do better than any other idol group, it’s sing. There was no dance for this, but Jae stood in the middle and did a slow wave the entire time, it seemed. You could see the pink bracelet from Thailand he was still wearing XD  Jae’s high note in this song was so beautiful & I think i teared a bit listening to it. Even the super loud crowd quieted after hearing the beauty of it.

Pierrot Once Nine was done, I heard the first notes of Pierrrot and was going crazy (it’s my favorite of JYJ’s released songs). I found my eyes glued to Yoochun the whole time. He was putting in random adlibs and throwing his mic from hand to hand and just acting too cure for words throughout the whole thing. And the vocals, of course, were excellent.

There was some transitional music after while the boys had their outfit change. The transitional music through the whole concert was really great! And it made it even better to know that our Director Kim composed it all.

Be My Girl was the song they did first when they came back. The flash mob was a success! At least in the area I was sitting in! The boys had a lot of interaction with the crowd, yelling out in english and being energetic overall. I think seeing the successful flash mob really made them happy. And oh my, Jun-chan was quite sexy during this one. Those hip sways and thrusts of his should not be legal ;D

I Love You. Next was Yoochun’s solo. And…well…it was like always. Girls in cages. Sexy dancing. Great vocals. Yoochun really is a package deal. His voice can just make you die, that is if his sexy dancing with the female dancers don’t kill you first. I was sitting in his section, so all the Chunsas around me were going crazy.

Mission was right afterwards. It is quite the sexy song live (made me want to see it on music shows even more!) The boys kept moving around, so I go to see all of them close up during the length of the song. And…Yoochun’s rap was still not understandable, even in person >_< The fans kept chanting with the “JYJ” parts. They were especially loud for “JYJ dance now” and then started screaming.

I Can Soar Jun-chan’s solo came after Mission. This was one of my favorite songs. It was just so simple, no fancy dancing, no sexy girls. Just Su with his amazing, powerful vocals. It felt like I was back in Korea watching TOH. Just pure, shining talent. His fans were going crazy and the whole crowd chanted “Kim Junsu” over and over after the song.

Still in Love then it was Jae’s solo. As a Jae fan, I was looking forward to this so much. And it did not disappoint. The dancing was SO sexy. Jae was really working it with the females (and no, he didn’t look awkward). I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, he was that captivating >///<

Untitled Song right after Jae’s solo started unnamed song. This was the first song I literally cried during. Yoochun’s rap was so, so powerful and JaeChun’s melody together was almost haunting. The lyrics really touched me and you could see how much they went through. It really put everything into perspective and was so humbling.

Chajatta was after Untitled Song and I was thankful for that. Really lifted up my mood after such an emotional song! The boys were being playful, smiling at the audience and each other and adlbbing all over the place. They also changed a few words here and there to Chinese. The crowd all loved it and you can tell the boys were loving it too. (also hearing Jun-chan say “wo ai ni” is toooo cute)

Fallen Leaves And….after Chajatta I cried again. I will admit that before this, Fallen Leaves was my least favorite song off of Music Essay, but this performance blew me away. Once again, it was another simple one. No dances, just the boys and their voices. But their voices were so beautiful and touching, and paired with their solemn expressions. It was just so moving.

Then the new songs started! I was kind of sad that there was no “Be The One” (it’s my favorite off of The Beginning) but I was too excited to hear all the new songs to be upset for long~

Boy’s Letter and You’re were first. I haven’t been able to hear them that well in fancams, so I was really looking forward to it. Both of them were so pretty and– a definite added plus– had such pretty lyrics too. I have given up paying attention to most kpop lyrics, but JYJ always proves to be an exception. They were both just beautiful. I think I might like “You’re” a bit better, but still loved them both.

Get Out I am in love with this song now. Oh my gosh, I want to see this on music shows so badly. The song is great, the dance is really fun (and the boys were so energetic). Also Jae’s static hair made it’s encore appearance! Everybody was laughing after seeing it XD And Jae looked a bit embarrassed~

Empty (Remix) I love Empty and I love the remix even more because the boys were so, so sexy and were doing adlibs all over and the energy was just so high even after they had been performing for so long! The “Let it Go” dance is great, and everyone around me was doing it with them!

In Heaven This was the song I was looking forward to the most. The fans were mostly quiet, besides the “don’t go”, “lies”, and “I love you”. They let the boy’s vocals shine and oh god….did they shine. I’m not even ashamed to say that I cried again for this song. My friend I took with me (who was not even a JYJ or kpop fan before this concert) cried as well when the boys all harmonized. I don’t think people will understand how incredible it is until they hear it in person. It makes you feel like you truly are in the presence of something so great. Too beautiful to even describe.

This concert was hands down one of the best experiences in my life. The boys were just amazing. The energy was amazing. The vocals were amazing. I couldn’t have been any prouder of the boys for who they are now and what they have gone through to get to this point. There is no where to go but up, and I am so thankful that I have the chance to stand by them as they continue on.

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