[INFO] JYJ Family Vietnam Charity Foundation: We want to follow JYJ’s step

JYJ family Vietnam Charity Foundation was born under the website JYJFamily.com.vn, a very first Vietnamese fansite delicated to JYJ. The foundation was established to connect people of the VIRTUAL world and to contribute together to the REAL life through meaningful activities. 

“JaeJoong, YooChun, JunSu,they are notonly talented, modest but they also have a warm and compassionate heart, rich in love. JYJ participated in numerous volunteer and charitable activities with the desire to alleviate human misery. We love and support JYJ, so let’s act together with JYJ by helping and caring fortheless fortunate and underprivileged children and family around us.

Let your love for JYJ be spread because what love we’ve given, we’ll have forever. What love we fail to give, will be lost for all eternity”, said a representative of JYJFamily Vietnam.

After two months of preparation, with contributions from generous hearts of all members,JYJ family Vietnam Charity Foundation officially went into operation in May 22th with their first charity event which was held at Hoa Binh peace village, a specialist school and medical centre providing relief to the child victims of Agent Orange, Dioxin poisoning and other mental and physical disabilities. The village has about 130 children of different ages and different levels of disability. They all haveone thing in common -the need of love and sharing from the community. 

That morning of May 22th, 25 members of JYJ Family Vietnam came to Hoa Binh peace village with the joy in their hearts. The volunteers had fun with the children and donated school supplies, intellectual and educational toys and gifts to the village. Although its value is not really great but this is the heart of JYJ Family Vietnam members, desiring to contribute a little effort, bring happiness to the children.

First volunteer activity, as well as first-time for the members to meet and talk to each other in real life, but there was no awkwardness or strangeness, since they all share done go a land heart.

Getting acquainted and talk with the children:

Finding back in Childhood Days:

Playing games, please look forward for unique works, which were the combination between children’s soul and fangirls’ spirit:

The representatives of JYJ Family Vietnam giving gifts to the children and village:

The responsible for charitable activities of JYJ Family Vietnam states: “We’re always eager to connect all JYJ fans in Vietnam. We want to become a solidarity and strong fandom which is filled with love and support for our three boys. Therefore, we will try to organize many volunteer programs as an“offline” activity in medium scale so that everyone is able to participate.”

Please anticipate more meaningfuls activities from JYJ Family Vietnam in the future.


JYJ Family Vietnam


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