[Fanaccount] 110603 JYJ’s San Jose Concert

[Fanaccount] 110603 JYJ’s San Jose Concert



I was most excited about seeing Jaejoong up close in the live concert because I have read numerous fanaccounts where fans were taken back by his gorgeous appearance and a glowing “aura” that seemed to surround him. What is the one word I can describe Jaejoong after getting my dose of seeing them boys in real life? FLAWLESS.

I.kid.you. not. Even though I didn’t think that he had a glowing aura, he was just everything else that I have expected. Appearance-wise AND performance-wise. And let me just tell you now, don’t believe anyone that said he couldn’t dance because oh my, the boy sure knew how to dance very well XD.


Jaejoong really looked like a real life anime character!  When the first song Empty started and Yuchun’s “Girl I swear~” came out, everyone in floor all rushed to the front of the stage. My seat was to the left and near the extended stage, but somehow I was able to run all the way up front. I can remember the claustrophobic feelings while standing in the sea of cassies/jyjers, because most were much taller than me.  So I climbed onto the closest seat of the second row and enjoyed my view from there (very sorry for the one sitting at that seat later) XD. Because of the higher eye level and closeness, I had a better look at the boys for the first maybe three songs. For the second song I.D.S they started walking towards the extended and so I had a better look at Jaejoong because he was on my side. A slight hint of his right dimple could be seen while singing the song, and gosh he was just darn beautiful!! I remember wishfully thinking that if I could just flew from the seat onto the stage and demanded my free fan hugs…XD.

To end this section let me just say that  though Jaejoong was beautiful, he DID NOT elicit any femininity at all.


He was one of the members that surprised me with a slightly higher pitched singing voice.  Other than that everything else was just like what I expected.  I was so excited to listen to Still In Love and hear his ad-libs in the song, and…just wow XD. I’m still in love with Still In Love =].

Mission was one of the songs that I liked best for the crazy nice dance moves, and boy did Jaejoong executed them well or what! The only thing I would comment on is how he was looking down at the ground too much.  Make more eye contact with us, baby XD

  • We exchaned a super duper brief eye contact during Empty while I was standing on the chair ❤


 During the first few songs he was on the blank-face mode but then he suddenly started to smile and laugh so much more afterwards.  Seeing his warm smiles while performing was all it took to take my breath away. Junsu and him were the ones that interacted with the audience the most, making long eye contacts and whatnot XD. And guess what, one of those eye contacts were with me and my friends!!! We were in awe and couldn’t believe that we were that lucky to have caught his eyes <3. After this concert he has actually risen up to the 2nd place with my other favorite Jaejoong . 


Yoochun really took me by surprise.  He was a very handsome  man.  Unlike Jaejoong (who was beautiful/handsome/good-looking/…but more shy on stage), Yoochun was all 100% confident on stage.   I have nothing else to say about his handsome-ness except that

I find it very hard to think that anyone could bring themselves to hate him after he flashes his million dollar smile. 


I have always thought that Yoochun was a weak artist when it came to vocals skills but I was proven wrong. He could and did produce beautiful high notes like his other members.  His live singing voice was the only one that sounded exactly the same to me, and I have always loved his deeper voice.  And, his rapping sounded so awesome during a song that I didn’t expect to have a rap part in it (can’t remember which *_*). He was kind of smiling while rapping <3. However, I have to say that I didn’t feel I Love You too much because the music was too loud and the words were all mumble jumble to me.

Sadly I wasn’t able to focus on his dancing throughout the concert (due to a certain person with a distinctive duck butt, and a certain Kent doll on stage) so I can’t make any comment on it.

  • The song that he made eye contact with us was Be My Girl Remix ❤


This person was born for the stage. He was extremely comfortable on this stage as his excitement could already be seen during the first song, and he was definitely not afraid to interact with the fans.  Junsu had the best facial expressions while singing/performing <3.  In the last song In Heaven I caught him reading the Gajima (Don’t go) sign from that one lucky fan in the front row and so I’m pretty sure the boys knew what the white sign we held up was XD


I thought that Junsu looked adorable, especially when he was smiling and smirking.  I got one of his satisfactory smirks at the end of the first song Empty <3. Nothing else to say about him in this part except that he was cute and adorable.  I sadly wasn’t able to see his infamous derriere lol, oh what a pervy fangirl.


What can I say about his dancing since everyone already know that he excels at it? For all the vigorous dancing parts I made sure that I focused my attention on either Junsu or Jaejoong. Junsu because I wanted to spoil my eyes with his strong, smooth-flowing movements and sexy hip thrusts, and Jaejoong because I wanted prove to myself that he can dance and well, because the boy was just a feast for the eyes XD. I was a bit sad because I didn’t catch Junsu’s hip thrusts during Be My Girl =[.

Onto his vocals, I was a little surprised that Junsu’s live singing voice was also higher in pitch compared the voice that I was used to listen to.  It wasn’t a bad surprise but it did throw me off for a good minute.  But then as soon as I adjusted to his voice it was such a pleasure to the ears to listen his wonderful vocals. He did great during his solo I Can Soar and I managed to catch him belching out very high notes in one of new songs on camera ❤

  • He made eye contact with my friends and I during Get Out ❤

JaeChun (Soulmates) & JaeChunSu 

For the life of me I just cannot recall which song this happened in but Jaejoong was wearing his holey black sweater inside.  They were on the main stage (&maybe walking to the extended stage) where Yuchun did some move that Jaejoong mistook for attack hahaha. So his response was a little jump and his arms were up ready for defense XD.  (I hope someone caught it on film because it was hilarious <3).  Throughout the concert there were many eye contacts and smiling exchanged between the soul mates. Awesome friendship, and awesome fan service for us!

I can’t remember if there were any JaeSu or YooSu moments, but of course there was that one famous moment where the three boys huddled up and group hugged for Yuchun’s b-day thingie J. Jaejoong was very cute when he was putting on  the mickey ear the way that wouldn’t mess up his hair so it ended up slipping down, and he also took all three mics to say something  in Korean (if my mind isn’t failing me) XD. Junsu was extremely adorable when three mics were directed towards him and all he said out of embarrassment was “Thank you” XD.


  • Jaejoong’s head bobbled up and down while they were bowing 90 degrees to us in the end XD.
  • Jaejoong said a cute “soorry” after he mumbled some incoherent Korean.
  • Yoochun was such an obvious flirt and made very long eye contacts with specific fan girls ❤
  • We chanted “JYJJYJJYJJYJJYJ…” repeatedly during the part where “J…….Y…..J….” was up on the big screen ( I heard it was about 5 minutes long), and the looks on the staffs’ faces were incredible XD.  I thought it was a very powerful thing.
  • Jaejoong’s “AHHHhhhh….” when some fans yelled out happy bday to yoochun during his talk, though I doubt that he really heard what they were saying lol. Maybe I’m wrong but eh XD
  • Jaejoong’s “I hope you enjoy your show” sounded…em… girlish. Maybe he was just too nervous about speaking in English J
  • The wide screens’ resolution was pretty bad.  I was looking at the middle one at one point and JJ looked like he has aged 10 years >.>


This was my first time seeing JYJ live and they surely delivered.  I would willingly spend another 200 bucks for a floor seat if they would willingly come back to California XD.  The only thing I would ask them for is to add more songs to the list because two hours passed by as fast as riding on a bullet train.


Watch More HERE

Credits: By kittensroaring@youtube
Shared by: JYJ3

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