[NEWS] Korean Airline To Fly Special Charted Airplane for Japanese Fans Going to JYJ Pusan Concert XD

The Power of JYJ~~ ^___^ Wow!

Air Pusan Will Fly Chartered Airplane for Japanese Tourists Going to JYJ Concert

Air Pusan (an airline in Korea concentrating on Pusan) has decided to fly a charted airplane for the Japanese tourists.

Air Pusan revealed on the 9th that it decided to fly a special charted airplane for Japanese tourists because Japanese fliers who are seeking to go to Pusan in order to participate in the JYJ Concert that is being held in Pusan on the coming 11th and 12thare gathering en masse.

Currently Air Pusan currently flies the Osaka-Pusan route on the morning and afternoon of each day (two times per day), but because demand skyrocketed, it has decided to fly a charted plane.

An affiliate of Air Pusan said: “Among the internationally-flying airlines, Air Pusan is the only airline that is flying a chartered plane for this concert. We have specially provided this for the Japanese fans, in order to minimize the unfortunate incidents of having to lose out on a favorite artist’s performance because of the lack of seats (on the airplane).”

On the other hand, Air Pusan will, in the midst of the worry over the aftereffects of the earthquake, will place its planes on the Pusan-Norita route on the coming 23rd as planned in order to keep its promise with is customers.

SourceFinancial News
Translation CreditJYJ3

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