[NEWS] JYJ Japanese Fandom Donates 1.73 Tons of Rice for Pusan Concert

JYJ Japanese Fandom Donates 1.73 Tons of Rice Wreaths as Support for the Pusan Concert


About a thousand Japanese fans of JYJ has made a donation. For the world tour concert that was held in Pusan on the 11th and 12th for two days, a thousand and few Japanese fans of JYJ delivered a rice Dreamie wreaths weighing 1.7 tons as support.

The director of the Pusan headquarters of Dreamie revealed: “The rice Dreamie wreathes that were delivered to Pusan Sajik Indoors Gymnasium to support the JYJ concert was the product of donations by about a thousand members—one domestic team and 6 teams from Japanese fan sites and fan clubs.”

According to an affiliate, on one rice Dreamie wreath weighing 500 kg, the names of 488 people who had participated in the donation had been written. The afterword is that some fans who had visited the concert venue looked for their names and took photos as keepsakes.

The holders of the concert relayed: “We plan to discuss with JYJ to donate the 1.73 tons of rice to the less fortunate neighbors of the area of Pusan.”

On the other hand, the region of Pusan relished in profitability last weekend due to the “JYJ effect,” the hotels being almost completely booked out due to the 3,500 or so Japanese fans who had visited Pusan for the JYJ Pusan concert.

SourceTV Daily

Translation CreditJYJ3

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