[PIC + TRANS] Jaejoong’s Autograph for WORLDCLASSJJ and HEROSE!!

WorldClassJJ and Herose are the Japanese and Korean fansites of Jaejoong that brought us the Jaejoong Buses!


World Class jj:
I am always thankful to you.
I saw the Bus! So cool!!
Let’s meet each other in Japan again-!

Click Cut for Jaejoong’s Autograph for Herose ^__^

To: The Prickly Noonas of Herose~ (T/N: This is the full name of the fansite)

I will become healthy to sing with much strength!

The Buses are amazing as well T_T.

Thank you always~!

Source: WorldClassJJ; Herose

Translation CreditJYJ3

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