[INFO] Son Jichang Who Supposedly Was Attacked by JYJ Fans is Co-Creator with SM of an SM Subsidiary

[INFO] Son Jichang Who Supposedly Was Attacked by JYJ Fans is Co-Creator with SM of an SM Subsidiary

On the 17th, the Korean media reported the following piece of news. To summarize, the article says that Son Jichang, an actor, was attacked by JYJ fans for having made a remark on his Twitter that can be interpreted as pro-SM and shut down his Twitter in response.

This is untrue. Fans of JYJ were unaware that Son Jichang had made any remark as such and were taken by surprise at the article that reflected badly on the JYJ fandom. Below this article from the 17th, JYJ3 has the translation of the so-called “attack tweets” that were sent to Son Jichang (which shows that these “attacks” did not actually exist). Below that, JYJ3 has the translation of a 2006 article that establishes that Son Jichang and SM are business partners who co-established a subsidiary of SM.

Sohn Jichang Announces that He Shut His Twitter. “Truly Sorry to JYJ Fans.”


Actor Sohn Jichang who had relayed his belief regarding the cynical response to K-Pop by the French media announced that he is shutting down his twitter.

On the morning of the 17th Son Jichang wrote on his Twitter: “I now plan to get rid of my Twitter. It was a short while but I will not forget those who communicated with me and supported me. Thank you for giving me good memories. Please always be healthy and I will pray for your happiness.”

Son Jichang watched the SM Town Live World Tour in Paris on the 15th while he was on a trip in Europe in Paris and he talked about the Korean Wave in Paris. This was the essential reason that led him to shut down his Twitter two days later.

Son Jichang wrote at the time: “I went to the SM Town Concert in Paris while I was on a trip in Europe. Most of the audience was European or foreigners and they memorized the Korean lyrics and sang along. It was a heated scene. However, Le Monde or other such cynical articles were just ridiculous. Why can’t they see things straight.” He relayed the impressions of the atmosphere of the Paris Concert of SM that finished successfully and criticized the Le Monde and other such media.

Son Jichang’s words became the talk of the town along with his account of the SM Concert. However, some fans of JYJ took the account of SM by Son Jichang to be “favoring the agency” of SM. JYJ is currently in a legal proceeding with SM Entertainment. They interpreted it as Sohn Jichang advocating for SM.

Son Jichang who came to be severely attacked by the fans as such poured out: “Today seems very long. I did not know that the words on my Twitter would create such huge effects. I was shocked that the truth can be twisted so much when I saw some of these fans who criticized me blindly saying that I was advocating for SM.”

He added: “I realized that to express one’s thoughts in words was difficult, once again. If I hurt the JYJ fans I did not intend that but I apologize. However I was probably not the only one who missed the TVXQ as five while watching that performance.”

Son Jichang clarified his distorted meaning, saying: “I was not saying that the French media was unconditionally wrong. But I wanted to speak to the actions of the Korean media who had used those articles to write discouraging articles (about SM). While they wrote articles using my words I did not receive a single phone call from any reporter. That is the reality today. They write whatever they want and they shirk the blame when there is a problem.”

The contents of the article in Le Monde that Son Jichang said was crooked says that: “Those boys and girls who were raised by the agencies have stepped up as the spearheads of the exportation of music” and is cynical about the K-pop Craze.


So was Son Jichang truly attacked by JYJ fans? Here is a search with @sonjichang (which is Son Jichang’s Twitter account) from the 16th. This is what the search could bring on the 16th when Sohn posted his remarks regarding SM Paris Concert.


(1)    @sonjichang The words of a producer is that it is jealousy and envy… RT @sonjichang

(2)    @sonjichang It is clear that SM should be criticized for having unfair contracts and having acted like a dictator. Is everything forgiven if one is popular?

(3)    @sonjichang Anyways, (Paris Concert) is a very good thing. RT Sonjichang

(4)    @sonjichang I am a fan of you and Hyungjoong, but I also listened a lot to the songs of TVXQ in Japan and I think that the choreography of F(x) is refreshing and I think that the other girl group 2NE1 has good abilities to compete. The articles are likely written by those who did not go or see (the Paris Concert) but just written with prejudice.

(5)    @sonjichang It’s Jichang! Long time no see~~

(6)    @sonjichang Oppa glad to see you~^^ So you went to the SM Town Concert huh~ Yes you are right~ There are always those who see things with a crooked eye~ About Korea… It’s ridiculous and ludicrous~ But don’t pay mind to those articles~ Because a majority of the people still love Korea a lot ^^

(7)     @sonjichang Oppa, in any country there seems to be those who just don’t like things (without a reason). The Korean Wave Craze in France seemed so amazing!!! My heart heated and I was proud @@

(8)    @sonjichang Did you have fun at the concert? I too feel down when I see crooked articles T_T_T I also think quite often whether they had to express things so crookedly!

Do above seem like attacks to you? Son Jicchang’s initial tweet did not even create a huge response. And among the few responses he got, most of them were supportive. The couple “criticisms” that he received were firmly worded but not attacks. It is no wonder that when the above news article were plastered everywhere by the Korean media the Korean fans of JYJ were taken by surprise and reacted with incredulity.


Just what could have caused this farce? Here is an article from 2006.

SM & Son Jichang, Co-Establishes “Agency Khan”.

SM Entertainment and Son Jichang revealed on the 21st that they are co-establishing the “Agency Khan” in order to propel star marketing, CF agency, PPl and such.

SM emphasized that it recruited Son Jichang not merely as an actor but also as a partner in business.

Lee Soman Director had revealed on the 16th in the Ceremony to Announce Vision that also celebrated the 10 year anniversary of SM’s establishment: “I will co-propel with Son Jichang the business of shopping mall merchandise. As for the husband and wife of Son Jichang and Oh Yeonsoo, they were recruited not as entertainers that are SM-affiliated but rather we’ve come to work together as partners in business.”

SM, in establishing Agency Khan, has added another subsidiary on top of Fandango Korea that unfolds the online music and mobile industry and SM Academy.

 SourceEveryday EconomyE-Daily@PPin_o

Translation CreditJYJ3

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