[FANACCOUNT] A Korean Male Fan Who Got Super Lucky– Jaejoong Recognized Him T_T_T_T_T


I am the male fan who was in the Section N.

To those fans who were also in Section N– I’m sorry that I was so all over the place. Originally I had planned to go in the style of the “cold city man” (so I had even put wax in my hair)…

But when Jaejoong looked for a male fan, something in my head snapped and I ran amuck and screamed and such….

I had gone to the concert first and foremost in order to take Jaejoong’s photos, and so I can’t remember much about the songs T_T…

Just—the guards, damn you guards…

But I had heard that it would be black-haired Jaejoong and so I had the flutters in my heart and I was in anticipation—and then black-haired Jaejoong showed up—bam!!!!! My eyes also—bam!!!!!!

Indeed, I think that Jaejoong minus black hair equals zero.

In the middle when there was the talk about male fans, I was thankful that the other fans in Section N shouted out that there was a male fan there <–

To be honest Jaejoong talked about male fans during the Mirotic Concert too, but at that time I was outshone by a male fan in his military uniform so Jaejoong didn’t see me… (what is the use of clinging to the fence in the very front of Section D? ^_T).

But I am so happy that (this time) Jaejoong not only saw me once but Twice T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_T_TT_T_T_T.

Further, upon seeing me for the second time, Jaejoong said “It’s been a while ^_^” and at that moment my head exploded (T/N: literally, “my consciousness went to the sky”)….

When I recollected later—in the evening performance of last year’s showcase, too, I had called out to Jaejoong with a nuna-fan of Jaejoong and he had turned his head for a moment….

Is it that Jaejoong remembered my face from that flash of an instant…. My face that was soaked with sweat…..

This concert was my first after last year’s show case and Jamshil concert…. I was seeing Jaejoong for the first time in 7 months but Jaejoong had remembered my face and told me that “it’s been a while”… I am too moved.

I felt once again that indeed, Director Kim moves people…….

(miscellaneous information omitted to suit post purpose)

Here are some photos that the male fan took. The logo says “Jaejoong, it’s a male fan…” ROFL





This photo below is completely untouched– it is not even adjusted for light.


Source: Kim Jaejoong Gallery 재중아남팬이야.. 님

Translation CreditJYJ3

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