[TRANS] Park Chan Hong, OhMyNews Columnist, talks about JYJ

[TRANS] Park Chan Hong, OhMyNews Columnist, talks about JYJ

T/N: Park Chan Hong writes a column for the newspaper OhMyNews.

[TRANS] So JYJ’s appearance on KBS special program was suddenly cancelled. Even in the situation of plane tickets having been procured, it was said that “if KBS allow JYJ to appear, this whole event could become impossible to hold.” They were under this kind of pressure. In this case, congressional hearings should be convened.
Photobucket[TRANS] It is extremely sad that JYJ, who deny the tyranny of gigantic management companies and the slave contract and is also fulfilling their musical vision, must suffer. As for suddenly cancelling this Jeju performance, KBS must apologize and disclose the truth of the force behind the scenes.

[TRANS] My wife also became a fan of Yoochun who appeared in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and she was also flabbergasted at the news of JYJ’s cancellation of performance. The dark forces that pressured KBS is problematic of course, but she is angrier at the fact that KBS, a public/government broadcast station, has acted so irresponsibly.

Source: @mindgood
Translations Credit: @The_little_pear from JYJ3

Thanks to Cindy (TIP)

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