[NEWS] 110719 JYJ’s fans petition regarding JYJ/JEJU gathers 7,300 signatures

A petition calling KBS to apologize for cancelling JYJ’s appearance on “KBS Special – Well-Wishes on Becoming Part of the 7 Wonders 5 Live Broadcast Locations” is sparked.

Since 2007, Jeju Island has been challenging in promoting to Switzerland-based New 7 Wonders (N7W) Foundation in order to become final candidate of 7 Natural Landscapes of the World. Therefore, on the 3rd May, JYJ has been chosen as Honorary Ambassador of Jeju Island and fully engaged themselves in promotional activities.

However, although JYJ’s appearance as Honorary Ambassador on “KBS Special – Well-Wishes on Becoming Part of the 7 Wonders 5 Live Broadcast Locations” was scheduled on the 20th, on the 16th, they received the cancellation notice from KBS Jeju.

Fans criticized KBS, saying that they are unfair. And finally, on the 18th, a article titled ‘Absurd KBS Jeju that cancelled JYJ’s appearance’ came up on the petition board of Agora, a portal site.

The article begins by “JYJ’s appearance on public TV once again died on the vine. It was expected that, on the 20th, at Jeju Island, they would make appearance on KBS Special Live Broadcast to promote the vote for Jeju 7 Wonders. But on the 16th, just 4 day before the event, they received the cancellation notice”.

It also stated, “The official of KBS Jeju, the host [of this event], revealed that they have decided the appearance of SNSD and f(x) and cancelled JYJ’s appearance. Although they said that they had sincerely apologized to JYJ, it seems to need a more detailed explanation. We demand a clear explanation and apology from KBS Jeju. The petition’s goal is 10 000 signatures.

On the other hand, till 1:30PM today (19th July), 7 300 people have participated in this petition.

(함상범 기자 kcabum@mydaily.co.kr)

Update: Here is the link of this petition by Korean fans. Till the very end of yesterday, the 19th, the petition has reached its goal by getting more than 11 000 signatures!!!

Translation credit: The_Little_Pear of JYJ3
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  1. I’m a fan of JYJ and really disappointed that happened. I do not think that he will visit the Jeju any one any more. JYJ 5ting!

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