Official Statement of the International Consumers of the Korean Wave regarding KBS Jeju’s Public Deception

We, JYJ_PH and JYJ_love and our allies listed below, hereby condemn the actions of the Korea Broadcasting Systems (hereafter “KBS”) for its deplorable breaking of public trust with regards to the unjustified cancellation of JYJ’s public television appearance in connection with the New 7 Wonders of the Natural World promotional campaign for Jeju Island. It is disappointing that we are compelled for the second time this year to internationally shame KBS for its anti-democratic actions that are contrary to the values of our community.

KBS’ deception, extortion, theft and collusion with external forces come at the expense of international consumers of the Korean Wave, many of whom are suffering prejudicial financial damages as a result of KBS’ unlawful and unilateral decision. However, the greatest damage perpetrated by KBS has been on the international image of Korea and against the people of Jeju Island. Due to the failure of the relevant South Korean authorities to reform the status quo of the Korean pop cultural contents industry, Korean and international citizens alike are witnessing an intolerable scenario: the betrayal on the part of a nationally-owned media institution against its own people, nation and public for the sake of corrupt, private interests. At this rate, the Korean Wave is in danger of becoming a target of criticism by the international press and an exemplary case study of what not to do in the area of cultural development.

We therefore recognise that this incident is much bigger than simply JYJ. It has already damaged popular international confidence in the Republic of Korea as a sovereign democracy governed by the rule of law for the protection of her citizens. We call on the Government of the Republic of Korea—in particular the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports and the Korea Fair Trade Commission—to make the Korean cultural contents industry the next frontier for democratisation and Korea’s anti-corruption agenda. Otherwise we, as the international consumers that attach value to the Korean Wave, would regret to have to declare the Korean Wave as having fallen to Junk status.

This statement is also endorsed by:


  1. 😡 … Due to the actions that are caused by KBS and the likes, the Korean entertainment industry is receiving negative impressions from everywhere. They should realize that if they would keep this up, nothing good will come out of it. I hate it :/

    This is why fandoms are important. We defend our idols when too much oppression occurs. It’s time to shout it out loud !!! ^o^

    I support this ! ! !

  2. i agree, i think this statement says it all. what KBS did and what they’re saying (to anyone who would listen) is just their poor excuse for dropping JYJ like a hot potato when they were threatened. considering that they’re government-run (i heard they are) they shouldn’t be doing this to their people. now they’ve made a fool of themselves not only to domestic fans but to international fans as well.

  3. Hello!
    We are also greatly interested in endorsing this statement for JYJ and the Republic of Korea.This is truly a grand idea in taking action to what needs to be finally done.
    Please add us from our Twitter @TVXQquotes

    Thank u so much!

    • Noted. Thank you for supporting this statement.^^ You can repost this and pls. send us the link once you do so. Thank you!^^

  4. Hello,

    I would also love to be added to your list of endorsers.


  5. I think this statement said it all. What KBS did had risen a lot of talk among many of my contacts, and it gives the Korean entertainment industry a bad name. It’s not fair that they single out a music group who chose to stand up for themselves due to unreasonable treatment from their management. This form oppression cannot continue.

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