[INFO] JYJ Fans Seek a Collective Dispute Resolution

“JYJ Fans Seek a Collective Dispute Mediation”

We, worldwide JYJ fans, sustained serious damages from the sudden and unexplainable cancellation of JYJ’s TV appearance in Jeju Island scheduled on July 20, 2011 by KBS-Jeju (Korea Broadcasting System- Jeju).  Those who made arrangements to actually visit Jeju Island to see the performance of JYJ incurred substantial financial damages during this process. We, hereby, plan to pursue an official restitution for these damages. We believe that KBS and others who are responsible for using deceptive advertising, bait and switch, and breach of implied contract by canceling it four days prior to the event should pay for consumers’ damages with sincere apologies. We plan to use a “collective dispute mediation” in Korea  and file a official complaint with Korean Consumer Agency.

1. Why Consumer Collective Dispute Mediation?

In Korea, when a group of consumers sustain the same or similar type of injuries, they have a right to request the Consumer Settlement Commission for a collective resolution of dispute since the Framework Act on Consumers became effective in March of 2007. The collective dispute resolution is more cost effective and faster than class action lawsuits as there will be no fees incurred to consumers and it saves time when a representative is selected for the group. There is always a possibility that the outcome of mediation is not successful. Additionally, this claim covers direct financial losses not the emotional pains and sufferings of consumers. However, we will try our best to represent the rights of JYJ fans (consumers).

2. How This Work?

  • We need at least 50 consumers who can prove their financial damages such as cancellation fees, airline tickets, lodgings, rental car, and any other direct costs related to the travel arrangements from the cancellation of JYJ’s scheduled appearance.
  • A representative will be selected from the victims.
  • We file a complaint, supporting evidence, and power of attorney through the Korea Consumer Agency.

3. Who Can Participate?

If you experienced and could prove financial losses from the cancellation of JYJ’s Jeju appearance on July 20, 2011, you can and should participate. Both Koreans and non Koreans can participate. If you think you are eligible, please send us an email at  jyjjejuconsumer@gmail.com. In the email, please include your name, contact information, and types and estimated costs of financial loss. In the mean time, please gather the supporting evidence to prove these losses. Once we identify the victims and estimated total amount, we will get back to you for power of attorney and supporting documents. A representative will be selected from the victims. Visit our blog, http://jyjfan.egloos.com/ for more information and updates.

Your participation is very important. For more information about collective dispute resolution, view the Frame Act on Consumers at the website of Fair Trade Commission of Korea. We are going to file this claim through the Korea Consumer Agency as this collective dispute mediation request should come from consumer organizations, government, or Korea Consumer Agency not from individuals. Please do not send the documents yet to protect your privacy.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact jyjjejuconsumers@gmail.com or visit http://jyjfan.egloos.com/.

Submitted by JYJ Fans

Note:  For the Korean and Japanese version of the above statement, pls. go to: JYJJejuconsumer

Source: JYJJejuconsumer
Shared by: JYJ3

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