[TRANS] 110725 Comment from Aya, a 30-year-old Japanese fan, about 3hree voices II

Because of problems with their former management company, JYJ can not carry out their activities in Japan but, instead of the number of fans decreasing, people who love the 3, believe in them and cheer for them are multiplying. The fact that they chose Japan as the location of the filming this time, it made me really happy.

Just how much the 3 think about the Japanese fans, it shows clearly in the odds and ends of their words, and I think it made the Japanese fans very happy.  They walked the streets that carried the memories of the times they worked in Japan in the past, seeing them relive their memories of the time they were 5, it became a little sad.

But, the 3 members, while treasuring the memory of the 5 member Tohoshinki, are focusing on the future and moving forward as members of JYJ, I believe. I don’t think they will ever think about returning to the past. They are now the artists JYJ who write and compose their music and even direct their stage. But, even though I respect them (as artists) the 3 have the components of idols that cause me to tremble because of how cute and charming they are, those 3 who deserve to be adored. My favorite scene was when Jaejoong went to the bar with his friend.

He shouted “I want a girlfriend” and the scene where he asked his friend “do you regret getting married?” he acted like a normal 25 year old man, that my heart thundered thinking about the gap between him and the man who performs on stage. I am so grateful for HMV who decided to sell the DVD that was only sold through a special website before.

I want many people to watch it.

Translation by: As0or83 of JYJ3
Shared byJYJ3

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