[NEWS] 110729 Kim Jaejoong of ‘Boss’. Makes History—Rice Wreaths Record 6.56 Tons, the Highest Figure in History

The fans of group JYJ’s Jaejoong (Real name Kim Jaejoong) has donated 6.56 tons of rice in order to help the less fortunate. This is the highest figure recorded in history.

According to the brand Dreamie, which is the representative brand of rice wreaths, the fans sent in wreaths totaling 6.65 tons. The affiliate said: “Kim Jaejoong’s rice wreaths recorded the highest figure in history.”

In the production presentation ceremony of the new Wednesday-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that was held on the 27th in SBS Drama Center of Mokdong, Seoul, the rice wreath dreamies which declared support for JYJ’s Jaejoong were delivered. The dreamies celebrate with rice the occasion and will be used to help the less fortunate. The dreamies came with warm words which read: “This dreamie is planned to be donated to the starving children and child bread-earners and such among us less fortunate, in the name of the actor. The 6.56 tons of rice is an amount which allows a meal for 54,448 children. It is an amount that can feed 605 people for one month.

It became known that not merely the fans of Korea but also Japan, Southeast Asia, Spain, Peru, and such other places also participated. The rice which were stacked neatly and filled the space and also many banners which decorated the location made it possible for one to feel the passion of the fans in one glance.

The rice dreamie wreathes which were delivered starting in the early morning totaled to be 80—there were two which were 1 ton each, and five which were 500 kgs each, and such. The 80 wreaths completely filled the hall of the 13th floor. The dreamie wreaths were enough to put the onlookers in shock.

At the same time, Jaejoong will transform into the Prince of the Financial World by taking on the role of Cha Muwon in the new Wednesday-Thursday drama Protect the Boss that will air as a follow-up to City Hunter on August 3.

This article was the highest ranked article on Nate! ^___^
A big thanks to all the lovely fans who opened their hearts and wallets for this worthy cause!

Source: Osen via Nate (1) & Nate (2) + ceskjj + Allkpop
Translated and shared byJYJ3

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