[NEWS] Article Based on No Facts Whatsoever Covers Existence of a Theory of 5VXQ Reunificatio

[NEWS] Article Based on No Facts Whatsoever Covers Existence of a Theory of 5VXQ Reunification

The below Korean article deals with a Japanese article that is the quintessential false gossip column based on absolutely nothing more than perhaps the writer’s musings ^^. Read on to see how the article is based on absolute no facts and also attempts to bring in unrelated and incorrect assumptions to insinuate support. An excellent example of how to write an article that ruins the reputation of the publication.

Japan Surprise Report: “A Possibility that TVXQ Revives as 5-Member Group Next Year?”

A report that raises the possibility of the rebirth of the group TVXQ as 5 has come out in Japan. Although this is not an article that bases itself on accurate facts, because TVXQ enjoys explosive popularity in Japan also, the Japanese fans are showing high interest.

The Japanese weekly publication Shukan Post quoted an article in Women Seven which is a medium that specializes in gossip of celebrities and reported: “There is some movement that TVXQ will be reborn as a 5-member group in Korea next year.”

The magazine first relayed that JYJ’s Jaejoong has written on his Twitter on the 26th of last month that “I am not sure whether I can say this, but I want to meet Yunho and Changmin” and that this adds to the possibility of the revival of the 5-member group. (T/N: This is wrong. Jaejoong wrote that he misses Yunho and Changmin, not that he wishes to meet them or see them.)

The analysis is that after the 5-member TVXQ announced its cessation of activities last April, they have split into 2-member and 3-member groups and are undergoing legal suits, but because the friendship between the members are still good, the possibility to reunite is open, as much as you would like. (T/N: On the contrary, There isn’t evidence that Jaejoong and the members of 2VXQ have seen each other since the end of 2009.)

The magazine then hinted at the possibility of the revival of the 5-member TVXQ by borrowing the words of a broadcast personality who is said to live in Korea. This broadcast personality said: “In fact, recently there is theory that the 5-member TVXQ will be revived, limited to Korea. I think that the K-pop boom which TVXQ brought in is now, on the opposite, inducing the return of TVXQ as a 5-member group.”

When the article was published, Japanese fans are showing high interest. In fact, in Shukan Post on the morning of 17th currently, the said article is on the top of the most-read article.

But unfortunately, the possibility that TVXQ will reunite is until now not very high.

A close affiliate of TVXQ refused to give an official answer, saying: “The said report is nothing more than a coverage of a theory that there is a possibility of reunification. Because it has not based itself on any kind of facts, our situation is that there is nothing that can we can even respond towards.” An entertainment affiliate said: “Even in Korea there is no talk of reunification, so it is surprising that in Japanese media such a report has come out.”

We would comment more on this but the final paragraph does the job… The Japanese article is based on baseless conjecture. Hard to believe that anyone with a mind that demands logic for function would take it seriously.

Source: KookiNews
Translation Credit: JYJ3

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