[NEWS] King Jaejoong Makes a Splash with Korean Netizens

Muwon-God Kim Jaeojong, About to Become Inserted into a Period Piece? Deep Eyes + Perfect Figure, a Composite Photo is Talk of the Town


Group JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong became a king?

Recently on an online community, Kim Jaejoong wearing the king’s dress has been revealed. This is not an actual photograph but rather one that was photoshopped, with the original image being that of Song Joongki who is Kim Jaejoong’s close friend.

Currently Song Joongki is appearing as the young version of Sejong Daewang (T/N: translated literally, Sejong the Great King)  in the SBS TV drama Tree with Deep Roots. Song Joongki who shows off a milky skin is receiving a favorable response with solid acting ability.

The photo that was revealed this time around boasts a fineness that makes it difficult to believe that it is not real. Further, Kim Jaejoong’s face and the king’s dress suit each other well. Kim Jaejoong whose deep eyes are fixed on an unknown location is receiving a great praise from the netizens.

The netizens who saw this responded as follows: “Kim Jaejoong truly looks well-suited.” “How did one create such a superb composite photo. If one were to tell me it was real, I’d believe it.” “If he were to do a fusion period piece, it’d go well. He has the face of a king.” “Can a king be sexy?”

Translation CreditJYJ3
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