[INFO] Now that JYJ Has a “Regular Album” Out, KBS Reverts to Its Former Excuse to Ban JYJ from Music Bank

Korea Communications Commission is an executive branch dealing in broadcast communications similar to the FCC of the United States (source: Wikipedia). A JYJ fan has sent the commission an inquiry with regards to KBS situation. KCC in turn asked KBS and forwarded its reply to the fan. We provide the translation of the response below.

In short, now that JYJ has released the “official regular album” and thus this excuse no longer works, KBS reverted to its previous excuse to unsurprisingly keep banning JYJ fromMusic Bank. If KBS will be irrational, then the least it can do is to be consistent and thus ban both sides. After all, there are two parties to this lawsuit.

Hello. We are the Korea Communications Commission. We thank you for the interest and participation for the healthy development of broadcast communications.

As for the items that you have informed us we have requested the broadcast station in question to cooperate to confirm (the facts) and to take appropriate measures. We forward you the reply from the broadcast station as follows.


The original position of the Music Bank production team with regards to JYJ was that “because TV appearances and such by an entertainer who is in the middle of a lawsuit may affect the outcome of the lawsuit, we will examine whether the entertainer may appear or not while keeping tabs on the development of the situation.”

Currently, apart from the result of the petition for injunctive relief, there are many main suits for instance on the validity of the exclusive contract and damages. There is no change to our position that fundamentally we will postpone the appearance of the entertainer who is in the middle of the lawsuit regardless of the result of the petition for injunctive relief and that we will monitor the situation until the results are finalized.

In other words, although the situation keeps changing such as through the release of the regular album and the content of the petition for injunctive relief, the main lawsuit between SM and JYJ is continuing still and the court is still not giving the final decision and so the position taken by the Music Bank staff has no significant changes from before.

Source: Bestiz, 제제샤랑 님
Translation CreditJYJ3
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